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Los Angeles indie rocker Petey has teamed up with Miya Folick for a new track. “‘Haircut’ is a very fun song I wrote with my friend Miya about getting an extreme haircut and not wanting to talk about it,” Petey explains. “I hope you like it. it was really fun to make. We recorded it in Miya’s apartment.”

Petey started this song and showed it to me. I immediately related,” Folick adds. “Just scroll through my feed to see a history of emotional haircuts. I really love the way it turned out. And it’s one of my mom’s favourite songs that I’ve made!”

“I was in a quarter-life crisis,” Petey sings on the track. “Remember that summer when I shaved my head/ Just to prove that I had control over something?” In the accompanying music video, Folick actually shaves her head. The synth-driven tune, which Petey and Folick co-wrote is a retrospective look back at the failed, spontaneous haircuts the pair have undergone. Furthermore, Folick really committed to the video, as she actually shaved her hair off for it. On the track, Folick joins Petey in his unique songwriting style: It seems like only a Petey song can reference both The Sims and Natalie Portman.

“Haircut” by Petey and Miya Folick  is out now on Terrible Records.

Julian Casablancas was partly inspired to write his new Voidz single, “Did My Best,” by Algerian street vendors in Paris — specifically the Auto-Tuned Arabic music they listened to while “selling tourist crap. That seeped into my subconscious,” .

When he acquired an Auto-Tune pedal, his imagination took off. “In Indian music and Middle Eastern music, they use more notes [than in Western music],” he says. “But the truth is, those notes are secretly in Western music. … When you do a melody with Auto-Tune, it’s almost a different melody. Ten percent of the melodies jump off to a new level with Auto-Tune. It’s a whole other level of harmony.”

Auto-Tune colors the end of the song, where Casablancas repeats the phrase, “I can only change what I can change,” and features heavily on “The Eternal Tao,” released in May of this year. That song and “Did My Best” appear in a new video from the Voidz , which features the band having a party with a bunch of sex dolls. Mac DeMarco and Kirin J Callinan also appear in the video; DeMarco engineered both songs, while Callinan “dream weaved,” Casablancas says.

“I started the way I start most things, with a vague, blurry end vision in mind,” he says of the video. “It’s like one of those videos people make at parties. It’s like, ‘What is this world? Who are these people?’ It was [a] simple, dumb idea that could have been 10 seconds long, but I decided to [do that and add] robots.” The video was directed by Johann Rashid (Promiseland), with animation by Benjamin Portas.

Despite the Auto-Tune, “Did My Best” sounds more like a traditional Casablancas track and is, in part, about the singer’s disdain for nostalgia. “Some people might hear the political stuff, some people might hear the ‘hanging out in a bar’ stuff, some people might hear the philosophical stuff,” he says. “That song is about nostalgia and not giving a shit about it personally, but that’s only one of many topics in the song.”

“Eternal Tao” was inspired by Tao Te Ching — and it’s much more out-there than “Did My Best.” “That book is insane,” Casablancas says. “It seems like the ancient wisdoms of the old world, the top minds, got together and wrote this universal truths thing. It has so much in it and it’s so amazing. That took over my life for a second.”

With his trusty pedal in tow, the singer says he has more than 50 songs in the can. He’s not sure how the band will release them, but says they’ll likely come out as singles. “I think we’re just going to put out songs here and there. Does it matter, this day and age?” he says.

As for the Strokes, he says the band is similarly in limbo — and that there’s no plans for new music. “If you ask me in a week, the answer might be different. Right now not, but it could change at any moment,” he says. The Strokes are currently set to play a slew of dates, including a New Year’s show in New York, 2020’s Shaky Knees Festival, and several iterations of Lollapalooza overseas. Their last album was 2013’s Comedown Machine, while Voidz dropped their more recent album, Virtue, in 2018. Casablancas’ Strokes bandmates Albert Hammond Jr. and Fabrizio Moretti also recently put out new music; Hammond Jr.’s Francis Trouble dropped in 2018 and Moretti’s Conduit came out this week under the name Machinegum.

Toast is the living breathing music project of Claudia Mintz and frendz

Recorded out of our dorm rooms at Syracuse University, “Onetwothree” came together seamlessly. Josh and I (Claudia) have been best friends since our first day of college, so not only does he understand me as a person, he understands my writing and knows exactly how to compliment it with production. We work really well together. We’re a perfect musical match.

The song is dedicated to this very precarious time in our lives- moving out of our childhood homes and the start of college, where everything is a ‘first.’ The lyrics came out of me (Claud) immediately after hearing the track that Josh sent me. “Onetwothree” basically became our anthem for the rest of the semester. It’s about figuring out how to cope with feeling like you’re being misunderstood or not heard. As a queer person, I deal with this a lot, especially at such a big university. It’s so difficult to find your voice.

Josh and I met Max at a Sassy 009 show this past spring at SXSW. We definitely had the same music taste and started chatting. It all felt very natural, and Max immediately understood Toast and really believed in us from the start… We’re extremely thankful to be working with Terrible Records; some of our biggest influences have been/are artists on Terrible and has allowed us feel to feel like we can be honest and free with our art.

Everything and anything that has to do with Toast has been a dream so far. Josh and I have been releasing and performing music separately since we were both really young, but as soon as we started working together everything clicked. We are just having So much fun with it and are so ready to share with anyone who will listen.

Released August 3rd, 2018

Written and produced by Claudia Mintz and Joshua Mehling.

There’s been a number of tasteful pop releases this year, though the debut, and full-length from, Empress Of is by far one of the best. The solo project of singer-songwriter, Lorely Rodriguez, Me is not only this large climax of heavily studied electronica, it lyrically strips Rodriguez bare of any sort of emotional barrier. The themes are so human, that both our vulnerability and reluctancy awake from the experiences everyone shares,

Impressively written, performed, produced, recorded and engineered all by Rodriguez, Empress Of‘s, Me is a killer album, available now on Terrible Records.


Public Access T.V. is proud to announce the release of their debut EP on Terrible Records. Having released a few singles to critical acclaim in both the US and UK, this is the band’s first proper release in the States. Additionally, the band has been on the road for the better part since their formation, and just last week, they kicked off a tour with legendary Gang of Four that will also take them down to Austin’s SXSW. Today, the band shares their first track off the EP, “Metropolis”.

Photo: Press
Public Access TV: Had Stiff Records just formed in 2015, it’s highly likely that this New York fourpiece would have become their first signing. Tracks like ‘Monaco’ and ‘In The Mirror’ recall the angsty, pinpointed brilliance of new wave giants like Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe. Led by John Eatherly, they’re loved by Weezer, Ex Hex and fellow 2015 hopefuls Deers to name a few.