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Victorian band Stonefield

The Findlay sisters heavy metal band Stonefield has joined the ranks of Flightless Records, the label owned by the members of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

Stonefield’s fourth album Bent was produced by Joe Walker and Stu Mackenzie of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and was recorded in between tours in five days. “It’s a culmination of experiences, emotions, and stories collected over time,” explains lead singer and drummer Amy Findlay, “A growth of honest, raw, energy that has been burning within us and waiting for its moment.”

The first single is ‘Sleep’. “ ‘Sleep’ was inspired by the concept of floating in the in-between,” explains Findlay, “An ode to the darkness of not wanting to cross to the other side.”

This is heavier than heaven! Sludgy stoner rock riffs that drag like a 45 played at 33 1/3 speed, guitars de-tuned until the strings hang off the fretboards, keys that ring out like police sirens – this is the type of music that belongs in a vast desert with amps powered by generators and preachers decrying the devil that got in and made it all possible. The vocals are pure Ozzy Osbourne and Jimmy Page rock classicism, with only the slightest inflections betraying that this is actually an Australian girl in her 20s channeling such unholy hell. Even the humming of the amplifier in the opening seconds sounds like a guard dog’s guttural growl seconds before pouncing. If there was any justice, this would be added to rock radio stations the world over and Stonefield would be partying at the Hyatt like it’s 1969.

Stonefield’s new album “Bent” is out on 14th June. on Flightless Records

Through The Storm’ is the newest single from Australian, psych-rock luminaries Stonefield. The single comes from their Flightless Records full length “Far From Earth”, The new single can also be found on a very special 7″ single, featuring an non-album extended b-side, via NYC collaborators Greenway Records. ‘Through The Storm’ video features footage from the bands LA residency.

Made up of sisters Amy, Hannah, Sarah, and Holly Findlay, Stonefield’s sound pays homage to the prog, metal, and psych powerhouses of the ’70s while remaining uniquely their own. Their latest album was produced by Stephen McBean (Black Mountain) and features Rob Campanella (Brian Jonestown Massacre) and Gregg Forman (Cat Power.)

Stonefield is back for another Greenway 7″! This time its taken from their latest LP with A side “Through The Storm” and the B-side is an exclusive 7″ only extended version of “Broken Stone”!

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No messing about here – Stonefield have found their rock n’ roll feet with their latest, and this absolute belter set of tunes captures you immediately with huge riff right up front. Stonefield have been rendering their powerful mosaic of proto-psych, since they were only as tall as the smallest of the strange stone formations that surround their home town in Australia’s rural South-East. From within their stellar nebulae, the four Findlay sisters have pressed light years into days and agitated tidal patterns across the globe, for more than a decade. 

Underneath the gorgeously feminine vocals throughout, Hannah Findlay is given a endless opportunity to absolutely shred the strings as the songs builds up into it’s final moments. This sister act knows how to do it.

Gripping, spacey yet full-bodied hard rock that combines influences ranging from 70s heavy prog to the latest Black Mountain in a way which is entirely original and unique. The outcome is a beautiful, captivating creature with a foot in the past, a thinking and creative brain and an arm streched out to the future


Originally released April 13th, 2018

Band Members
Amy Findlay – Lead Vocals & Drums,
Hannah Findlay – Guitar & Backing Vocals,
Sarah Findlay – Keys & Backing Vocals,
Holly Findlay – Bass & Backing Vocals