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Something For Kate new album The Modern Medieval Paul Dempsey

After eight years in absentia, Something for Kate Melbourne based three piece science fiction folk rock band, didn’t pick the best of times to make their triumphant return. In fact, lead single ‘Situation Room’ arrived just as Australia entered lockdown.

Still, to borrow a phrase from the band’s back catalogue, the promise of ‘The Modern Medieval’ has been a light at the end of this tunnel for many listeners. This was certainly bolstered by the fact that the four singles released in its lead-up have been some of the best of the trio’s career. Expect more emotive, widescreen indie-rock to follow – as it has for over 25 years.

Something For Kate’s ‘The Modern Medieval’ is out via EMI Music on November 20th.

If you’re a Something For Kate fan, you should already be suitably excited about the imminent release of their first new album in over eight years. ‘Come Back Before I Come To My Senses’ is the fourth track we’ve heard from the album and it’s yet another reminder of the power of Paul Dempsey’s song writing and the band’s ability to make those songs, In the year of 1994, from the diverse city of Melbourne, Australia, alternative rock band Something For Kate formed. Starting in high school, the band originally consisted of vocalist and guitarist Paul Dempsey and drummer Clint Hyndman. In 1998, Stephanie Ashworth joined as the new bassist and the three have stuck together ever since.

Something For Kate released their first studio album, Elsewhere for 8 minutes in 1997, a year before Stephanie joined. Their second studio album, Beautiful Sharks (1998) was Stephanie’s first album with the band. To date, the band have released seven albums, including one B-sides, a best of and one live. The band are due to release a new album The Modern Medieval in November this year. The album will feature recent singles “Supercomputer” and “Situation Room”. Something For Kate have been nominated for 16 ARIA’s, achieved six gold and platinum albums and received several awards such as Best Single, Best Live Band and Best Album from various music outlets such as Rolling Stone Magazine, Triple J and iTunes.

Something For Kate’s seventh album The Modern Medieval will be out next month.

Paul Dempsey is known to most as the singer, guitarist and principal songwriter of highly successful Australian band, Something for Kate. Dempsey has so far released 6 platinum and gold records with Something for Kate along with a double album of B-sides and a Greatest Hits collection. During this time Dempsey has also consistantly played solo shows and toured in solo mode when not busy with Something for Kate as well as producing records for other artists.

Whilst having a break from Something for Kate, in August 2009 Paul stepped out on his own and released his first solo album through EMI Australia. Titled Everything is True, it was co-produced by Paul and Wayne Connolly (You Am I, Youth Group) and mixed  in Los Angeles by Doug Boehm (Elliot Smith).