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“Power,” the title track from Shreveport based rock group Seratones‘ upcoming record, is probably this week’s most aptly-named cut. After two-and-a-half minutes of driving, all-out performances from the entire group, almost everything drops out, leaving vocalist AJ Haynes alone with a tremolo string section, before suddenly diving back into the opening groove, fuller and more powerful than before. Power is out August 23rd on New West Records.

A super-compact jam at just over two minutes, “Gotta Get to Know Ya” is based around a fuzzed-out, punk-funk bassline and Haynes’ versatile vocals, which range from sultry purrs to siren wails. Building on the soul and garage-rock elements of their debut album, Haynes and the Seratones keep the pace by laying down a ridiculously tight groove, sprinkling in some spacey synth effects and live-wire guitar skronk along the way. But it’s clear this is Haynes’ show: “Feel the heat of my fire/I gotta gotta gotta gotta get to get to get to know ya,” she sings, switching from smooth, Lenny Kravitz-style layered harmonies

From the new album ‘POWER,’ available August 23rd

Seratones are beasts of the Southern wild. The four-piece rock band, hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, play rocking, swinging, soul-stirring tunes that are uniquely their own. Their debut single “Necromancer”/”Take It Easy” is set for release October 16th on Fat Possum Records. It is produced by Jimbo Mathus. Here’s a dose of the good stuff.

The band’s sound owes much to the commanding vocals of frontwoman AJ Haynes. At age six, Haynes began singing in Brownsville Baptist Church in Columbia, Louisiana, where she was taught to project her voice to hit the back wall. “Church was where I was introduced to the spirit, y’know?” AJ says with her sage laugh.


One of the best newcomers in recent months, though, are an act from Shreveport, Louisiana called Seratones. They performed with great reaction at SXSW, when they’d just (literally, it was that week or something) signed to Fat Possum and come down on a whim. They were jaw-dropping live, with frontwoman AJ Haynes – a petite ex-schoolteacher with a big personality and even bigger fro – spending half their set walking up and down the bar, kicking people’s drinks over while mashing a tambourine into her hands as if Phil Spector was stood at the other end pointing a gun at her.

They also played NME’s CMJ show in October . There, it seemed like they’d grown massively as a band, but last month in Austin for SXSW 2016 was when it all really seemed to come together.

They’ve got a debut album called ‘Get Gone’ out on May 6th, and below is a brand new track from it called ‘Sun’. Here’s a quote from AJ about the track: “When Connor [Davis, guitar] came up with that sinister melodic line, we had no choice but to see how far we could run with it. At the time I was teaching ‘Young Goodman Brown’ and listening to ‘Beggars Banquet’ on repeat, so that lovely thematic thread seamlessly wove into sound we were going for.”


Led by powerhouse frontwoman A.J. Haynes whose thunderous vocals recall the grit of Janis Joplin and gospel of Mavis Staples, Seratones will release their debut album Get Gone onMay 6th via Fat Possum. Recorded at Dial Back Sound studios in Mississippi, Get Gone is all live takes, a portrait of Seratones in their element.

Shreveport, Louisiana four-piece the Seratones has been performing together since early 2014, but since they signed to Mississippi-based Fat Possum Records earlier this year, they’ve been making waves well beyond their hometown thanks to the howling grit of frontwoman AJ Haynes. After a series of standout performances that included several raved-about sets at this year’s South by Southwest and CMJ, the band released “Necromancer,” a fitting first taste of the powerful vocals and ripping instrumentals that have made this band one to watch. Check out their groovy recent set at the Paste Studio in Manhattan