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I don’t think that  L7’s co-founder Donita Sparks and longtime L7 members Suzi Gardner, Jennifer Finch, and Demetra Plakas have mellowed with age.

Born in Los Angeles in 1985, the crusty quartet raged and raved, on-stage and off, until its 2001 implosion—only to reform for live shows in 2014. Not long after they’d  reunited, L7 reignited their socio-political torpor with 2017’s post-election rant, “Dispatch from Mar-a-Lago.” Now, they have their first new studio album since Slap-Happy (1999): the incendiary May release “Scatter the Rats”.

The reunion happened because we felt that there was still interest in us, and that there wasn’t anyone who had our particular spin. We thought that younger people who hadn’t experienced us the first time needed to experience L7.

L7’s brand new full-length album ‘Scatter The Rats’

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After hinting at a new album L7 confirmed recently confirmed their first LP in two decades, “Scatter the Rats”. Due out on May 3rd, the forthcoming collection is being previewed with a new track, “Stadium West”.

Following up lead single “Burn Baby”, the new release finds the grunge veterans in proper form, offering up a high-octane composition that falls in line with the best of L7’s ’90s heyday. In your face and unabashedly catchy, the song is highlighted by its delightful lyrical turns-of-phrase, rapid-fire riffs, and energetic backing howls and growls.

L7 has also released a new music video to complement “Stadium West”. Directed by Rob Sheridan, the visual throws it back, crafting a lo-fi, technicolor romp through the band’s home of Los Angeles. “Stadium West” is the second single from the band’s first album in 20 years, to be released on Joan Jett’s Blackhearts Records on May 3rd. Following the album’s lead single “Burn Baby,” “Stadium West” is propelled by winding, distorted guitars that have a certain surf-rock flair. Behind the drum kit, Dee Plakas powers it all with an unbeatable tempo that imbues this ride-along with high stakes and verve

Chock full of the unconscious bravado of a bygone punk era, the clip pairs this energy with old-school production featuring gritty low-resolution frames, inverted and primary color palettes, and, of course, choppy editing.

L7 will support Scatter the Rats on a summer tour. In addition to sets like a “very special intimate show” at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere, they’ll join Rancid’s The Bash Music & Craft Beer touring festival. prep for the experience by picking up L7’s past releases on vinyl. Two of L7’s albums were recently included on Rolling Stone‘s 50 Greatest Grunge Albums list: Smell the Magic (No. 37) and Bricks Are Heavy (No. 15).