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Image of Daughter - Not To Disappear

Daughter  –   ” If You Leave “

Nearly three years after the release of their debut ‘If You Leave’, Daughter – the London-based trio of Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella – will return in 2016 with a new album, entitled ‘Not To Disappear’.

Not To Disappear’ is Daughter’s second album and finds the band making confident strides forward both sonically and lyrically. Elena, Igor and Remi spent a summer in New York recording ‘Not To Disappear’ with Nicolas Vernhes (Deerhunter, War On Drugs, Animal Collective) at his Rare Book Room studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Image of Fat White Family - Whitest Boy On The Beach

The Fat White Family  –   “Whitest Boy On The Beach”  

The Fat White Family announce details of ‘Whitest Boy On The Beach’, the first track from their forthcoming second album.

The single is released on the band’s own Without Consent label.

The track is accompanied by a video shot at Beachy Head and directed by the acclaimed artist Tim Noble.

The band release their second album, ‘Songs For Our Mothers’, early 2016. It follows their hugely acclaimed debut album ‘Champagne Holocaust’, released in 2013.

Image of Mystery Jets - Curve Of The Earth

The Mystery Jets  –

Of all the acts that sprang into life in The Libertines’ Fagin-like wake, Mystery Jets were always the hardest to pin down. A Syd Barrett-enthralled troupe fashioning delightfully skewed, potting shed psychedelia out of playful wonky pop and unashamedly proggy flourishes from their Thameside hideout of Eel Pie, the South London island that played midwife to the British R&B boom in the early ’60s.On Curve Of The Earth, Mystery Jets have changed tack again, only this time it’s been to strip back some of their more shapeshifting tendencies and distil the essence of what makes them such a great band. Arguably their strongest, most personal and most coherent set of tracks to date, it highlights what the kids down the front of their shows shouting “Zoo Time!” have known all along, that at their centre Mystery Jets simply write amazing songs.


Image of Sauna Youth - The Bridge

Sauna Youth are an evolving band of future humans making truly irregular punk, not quite comparable to anything else. ‘Weird’ is a meaningless platitude, and ‘art punk’ is a classifier that shouldn’t be required. This last year has been an amazing time for the band, seeing them release their widely applauded ‘Distractions’ album, a split record with their sister band Monotony, embarking on several tours, radio sessions and even appearing on Marc Riley’s ‘All Shook Up’ TV show for BBC iPlayer.

To celebrate all of this Sauna Youth have decided 2015 has just enough room left in it for one more 7” and video. ‘The Bridge’ is taken from their album and accompanied with an exclusive brand new song called Blurry Images’ on the flipside.

Beginning and ending in squalling feedback ‘The Bridge’ is the song that rings longest in your head when listening to ‘Distractions’, it’s full of the desire to set yourself apart, to connect and hold fast. “I am the source of the overflow, a torn neck, an effervescent glow, I am the route to the heart of it” sing Ecke and Boon in everyman unison. It’s keen and brisk, tireless and smart as a whip. ‘Blurry Images’ prefers to jog on the spot, its drumbeat and bassline pinned down by throbbing keyboard jabs. “Ancient warning, or invitation, what’s it look like to you?” question the vocals, drawing the song into focus before upping the contrast. It’s a tour de force and a fitting home for one of the most unhinged guitar solos the band have committed to tape so far.

Image of Sheer Mag - I/II CD

Sheer Mag

Limited CD containing Sheer Mag’s first two EPs (originally released on Wilsuns Recording Company in the USA and Static Shock in UK/Europe) to coincide with the bands first European tour. Eight tracks in twenty seven minutes. In 2014, Sheer Mag seemingly came out of nowhere with possibly Static Shock’s favourite release of the year. They are the only band of recent times that manages to sound like a mix of a classic Seventies rock record, power pop and an obscure English DIY 7″ from the late 70’s.

Everything sounds scrappy, fuzzy and scuzzy and it’s all the better for it. The riff packed guitar work and fuzzed female vocals sit perfectly together whilst the crude rhythms just adds bounce and basic beats. Think a mix of the power pop delight of Protex, the lo-fi nature of The Seize, the riffs of Thin Lizzy and the powerful female vocal of Suzi Quatro. The CD comes in a reverse board digipack and with a double sided lyric insert.


Sauna Youth‘s album Disctractions” was among my favorite albums of the year, the kind of shouty, strident indie punk (punky indie rock?) played with maximum snarl and energy.  their early track Sauna Youth’s “Try to Leave” was an immediate standout and if you haven’t heard the LP at all yet, you can stream the album now.

“The Bridge,” one of the Distractions’ standout cuts, will be released as a 7″ vinyl single by Upset the Rhythm on January 15th 2016. There’s a new video that single as well, directed by Maria Cecilia Tedemalm and the band’s Boon, it’s an homage to Pan’s People, the dance group featured weekly on UK chart show Top of the Pops .

The band have yet to tour America, and don’t seem to have any plans to right now, but they do have UK/EU dates coming up in early 2016. All are listed below.

27th January – Brighton, UK – Sticky Mike’s w/ Soft Walls, The Glugg
28th January – Rennes, France – Bar’Hic
29th January – Bordeaux, France – TBC
30th January – San Sebastian, Spain – Lurrazpiko Festa
31st January – Madrid, Spain – Wurlitzer Ballroom
1st February – Zaragoza, Spain – La Lata de Bombillas
2nd February – Barcelona, Spain – Heliogabal
3rd February – Toulouse, France – Le Rabelin
4th February – Antwerp, Belgium – Music City
5th February – Leiden, Holland – CAB03
6th February – Amsterdam, Holland – Pacific Parc
7th February – Rotterdam, Holland – TBC
13th February – London, UK – The Forge “The Bridge” 7″ release party

SAUNA YOUTH – ” The Bridge “

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From The LP “Distractions, Sauna Youth are an English four-piece whose music feels like a punk overture to a high-speed rollercoaster thrill ride. Their track “The Bridge,” pulled from their full-length release Distractions, sees the band — including Lindsay Corstorphine from Primitive Parts on guitar — looking too-cool-for-school and playing their instruments amidst an array of youths clad in gym clothes. They seem like the artsy emo kids in grade school you were always too scared to talk to (unless you were one of them), and that’s a reflection of their music: explosive, no-holds barred, high-energy punk. The boy-girl vocals coalesce effortlessly into one voice a la Times New Viking, and the damaged guitars are the fuse to a never-ending circuit of blazing stamina.