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We’re excited to announce our new album ’Distractions’ out February 19th on City Slang Records,

A new album on its way, it’s called ‘Distractions’ and we are pretty excited by it. More details to follow but in the meantime here is the first song – A cover version of The Television Personalities‘ ‘You’ll have to scream louder’ from their classic album ‘The Painted Word’ “Late May, early June 2020 was a twitchy and angry time for many of us. There was a growing agitation inside of me.

I woke on a Saturday morning with no plans but just this Television Personalities song going round in my head, it pushed me into the studio.4 or 5 hours later I had made the basis of this recording, though I had to wait for windows of opportunity within our confinement to work with the band to bring it to a conclusion. I have loved the TVPs since buying the Bill Grundy e.p. with its photocopied sleeve on one of my regular after school bus trips to the Virgin record shop in a basement on King Street, Nottingham. Some years later, in 1984, I was living around the corner on the 17th floor of Victoria Centre flats, they swayed in the wind. I was working a few days at a local record shop and The Painted Word was released. It became at the soundtrack to that semi-slum, those times. I was 19. To be young in the early 1980’s there was much to be angry about, battles to be fought – Thatcher, racial and gender injustice – and (one of the motivations for this song) nuclear disarmament. Although we may not have thought those battles were ever won, we believed we had helped push things in a different direction, that changes were made. In the spring of 2020 we were shown painfully that these battles are ongoing.” ‘Hope you enjoy

“Man Alone” was always a journey but I wasn’t expecting it to be such a long one. We made a 6 minute version but it felt like it pulled off and stopped half way to its destination. This was the beginning of a long journey in itself, to find the route needed to complete itself – Probably the biggest challenge a song or piece of music has given us. It was delicate and slippery right up to the final mix – which lasted a week! The song has a strange connection for me to the drum machine, bass guitar and voice combination of ‘Indignant Desert Birds’ – mine and Neils first band when I was 17.

In the back of a London cab driving through the city at night is a very special space for me. It has a particular kind of aloneness. This fascination grew over hundreds of nights leaving the the studio exhausted at 1 am – Ladbroke Grove or St Johns wood, through the city and over the river to South East London in an almost dream state. Retracing that journey, this film became a way of touching the city and the feeling of being both a part of and apart from it.  S.A.Staples


Sauna Youth‘s album Disctractions” was among my favorite albums of the year, the kind of shouty, strident indie punk (punky indie rock?) played with maximum snarl and energy.  their early track Sauna Youth’s “Try to Leave” was an immediate standout and if you haven’t heard the LP at all yet, you can stream the album now.

“The Bridge,” one of the Distractions’ standout cuts, will be released as a 7″ vinyl single by Upset the Rhythm on January 15th 2016. There’s a new video that single as well, directed by Maria Cecilia Tedemalm and the band’s Boon, it’s an homage to Pan’s People, the dance group featured weekly on UK chart show Top of the Pops .

The band have yet to tour America, and don’t seem to have any plans to right now, but they do have UK/EU dates coming up in early 2016. All are listed below.

27th January – Brighton, UK – Sticky Mike’s w/ Soft Walls, The Glugg
28th January – Rennes, France – Bar’Hic
29th January – Bordeaux, France – TBC
30th January – San Sebastian, Spain – Lurrazpiko Festa
31st January – Madrid, Spain – Wurlitzer Ballroom
1st February – Zaragoza, Spain – La Lata de Bombillas
2nd February – Barcelona, Spain – Heliogabal
3rd February – Toulouse, France – Le Rabelin
4th February – Antwerp, Belgium – Music City
5th February – Leiden, Holland – CAB03
6th February – Amsterdam, Holland – Pacific Parc
7th February – Rotterdam, Holland – TBC
13th February – London, UK – The Forge “The Bridge” 7″ release party