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So so excited and mushy to announce that our debut record “Reverse of Mastery” will be coming on July 24th on Exploding In Sound Records. First single premieres today on Flood Magazine! This record has been a loooong time in the making and was such a group ass effort of aaaall the buds and truly so excited to share!!! Lomita featuring Nick Llobet on the vocal cordios:)) The beautiful painting on the cover is by GLA4.

The concept of “summer music” is a little weird to think about right now, but as the world outside begins to warm up, In addition to the many May releases rescheduled to drop mid-summer, Brooklyn’s Dig Nitty is adding to the pile of highly anticipated summer jams, announcing their debut Reverse of Mastery today with the quick-burning surfy “Lomita.”

Blending West Coast garage-rock guitars with the sounds of their native DIY scene, the two-minute introduction to Mastery manages to pack in catchy hooks, a ripping guitar solo, and some pretty relatable lyrics about returning to the outside world. “It’s a song about visiting a hospital—Lomita is the name of the street I would go on to get there,” vocalist Erin McGrath shares of her time spent in California. “It’s a song about wishing you could bring the outside world to someone inside, and how weird it is to be able to just leave a hospital room and go back to the outside world. The second verse compares death to take-off in an airplane or spaceship.”

Contributions from:
Nick Llobet (guitar/vocals)
Sabrina Rush (violin
Davis Boardman (violin)
Adam Brisbin (guitar)
Chappy Hull (guitar)

“Lomita” by Dig Nitty from the upcoming LP, “Reverse of Mastery” out July 24th 2020 on Exploding in Sound Records.