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For nearly ten years Restorations have been writing heavy-hitting, guttural rock with gargantuan riffs filtered through a thick, noisy wall of sound. They fearlessly examine the human condition through the lens of seasoned Philly punks.


Band Members 
Dave Klyman – Guitar and Keys
Ben Pierce – Guitar and Keys
Jon Loudon – Vocals and Guitar
Dan Zimmerman – Bass
Jeff Meyers – Drums
released November 6th, 2018

Recorded on October 15th, 2018 in Chicago, IL.

LP5000, is the sardonically titled follow-up to 2014’s LP3, “No, I don’t wanna hear that name again,” Jon Loudon sighs during “Melt,” as the dreamiest but bleariest Restorations song yet recreates the feeling of breaking a promise to yourself not to check Twitter the moment you wake up.

Over the course of its catalouge, it’s become evident that Restorations’ output is more than the sum its parts, with cathartic choruses, gratuitous guitars and honest admissions of anxiety declared at decibels that reach the rafters. While this Philadelphia five-piece shares characteristics of its contemporaries, the kind of bands making guitar-and-gravel-voiced celebration rock.

At just seven tracks,LP5000, the group’s first album in four years, is a cohesive distillation of what the band does best: In under 30 minutes, there’s both heft and heart, incendiary musicianship and insightful meditations on the relationships we forge and the toll time takes on us and our surroundings. The lead-off track, “St.,” offers an invitation for the uninitiated; like the band’s logo, it’s a welcoming open door of sorts: “I’ll tell you what you already know / You can’t do this all on your own.” Restorations still stand alongside bands like the Constantines and Menzingers on a thorny branch of the Tree of Springsteen. It doesn’t take much to pierce this armor of red flannel and Born to Run vinyl, to release repressed feelings of masculine shame and creeping obsolescence that explain why these guys sound like they have to drink themselves to sleep every night. “Remains” is a rollicking realization that the place you once knew has become unrecognizable (“And now you can’t afford to live in the town you were born in”). The stunning single “The Red Door” twinkles, balancing defeatist impulses with a shaken sense of perseverance.


The peaks of LP3 were pure wish fulfillment for workingman’s dread: “Imagine that focus in real life/Imagine going outside,” Loudon roared over Telecaster feedback on “Separate Songs,” a call to throw your laptop from a moving car. “Misprint” could make anyone cooped inside a compact stuck on the interstate feel like they were cruising down some bucolic back road instead. Those moments don’t ring false in 2018, but they do seem like emotional luxuries we can no longer afford. “Threw your back out just trying to stand up straight,” Loudon sings now during opener “St.” Regardless of how hard they thrash and throttle, Restorations land on the resilience to make it through this shit, one day at a time.

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The Philadelphia five-piece likes amps and layers of guitars, loud clouds of thick noise that saturate every inch of available space. Their new lead single “The Red Door” off their upcoming fourth album LP5000 tumbles towards you, bursting with their usual rolling energy. It’s a satisfying anthem with a deeper, more cynical backbone.

The pains of gentrification weigh heavy, glaring through the desperately repeated lyric, “What remains? Every corner, a new name.” A red door becomes an omen of gentrification’s sweeping damage, both physical and emotional. Lead singer Jon Loudon recently spoke of his own neighborhood’s transformation saying, ”Philadelphia (and perhaps your town, too?) is rapidly changing. I wonder about where people go when they can’t afford to live in these new neighborhoods anymore. The red doors on all the new buildings feels like some kind of warning sign.”

Band Members
Dave Klyman – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Jon Loudon – Guitar/Vocals
Ben Pierce – Keys/Guitar/Backing Vocals
Dan Zimmerman – Bass/Backing Vocals
Jeff Meyers- Drums/Percussion

Restorations “LP5000” out 9/28/18 on Tiny Engines Records

Philadelphian band Restorations, are now 10 years running,  named for more than just architectural stability. It’s emotional renewal for the members themselves and for anyone listening. The band’s self-reflective, true colors are just as loud and bold as the layers of guitars galloping through each song. But after touring hard on the soul-rattling 2014 album LP3, the Philadelphia rock band needed some restoration itself.

Four years later, Restorations returns with LP5000 via Tiny Engines, the label that released its debut album. Restorations have always been a band keenly aware of their surroundings and LP5000 is just that: Seven songs written and recorded during a time of transition. It’s a record about displacement. It’s about feeling complacent and coming to the sudden realization that maybe things aren’t as solid as they’d seemed—in politics, in personal relationships, and in the different corners of their hometown of Philadelphia.

Underlined by looping keyboard chitter-chatter a la “Baba O’Riley,” the lead single “The Red Door” explodes the band’s larger-than-life rock and roll hoarsely yawped from the streets, but instead of looking inward, lead singer (and one of three guitarists) Jon Loudon looks just next door.

Philadelphia (and perhaps your town, too?) is rapidly changing,” Loudon tells us  “I wonder about where people go when they can’t afford to live in these new neighborhoods anymore. The red doors on all the new buildings feels like some kind of warning sign.”


Anthemic heartland rock-and-roll replete with mile-wide riffs, psychedelic chooglin’, and too many guitars.

I don’t know how Restorations aren’t bigger, or at least known throughout Planet Earth every single song feels like the best song they’ve ever written, the amount of energy and determination in each song is so full on and has that Born-To-Run esque wall of noise. These two songs are no different, at only five minutes long each, they take you on a complete musical journey, trying to cram so much in and pulling it off. A must have.

It’s time for an experiment. Here are two new songs, “See” and “Sea”. These are self-released, Bandcamp-exclusive,

These were recorded with our own money with longtime collaborator/6th member Jon Low. If you enjoy the tracks, kick in a couple bucks on our Bandcamp page and you’ll help fund future releases and tours. We intend to make music this way for a little while. Share hard please


RESTORATIONS – ” Separate Songs “

Posted: January 17, 2015 in MUSIC
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Restorations accomplished a lot with LP3: It’s not only a worthy follow-up to 2013’s mammoth LP2, it’s the best work of the band’s career thus far, expanding upon previously established ideas with a sort of palpable, calculated rebellion. The band found their sound—regularly thunderous and dense while remaining impressively melodic and often introspective, a sort of amalgamation of Americana and post-rock through a fiercely punk lens—almost immediately upon formation, but at this point appear much more comfortable in their own skin as performers and songwriters. It shows in how slow ballads like “Misprint” can coexist so seamlessly with searing anthems like “Tiny Prayers,” and how a track like “Separate Songs” can sound so much like a “radio single” without straying from the formula.



Your new favourite punk Band could be Philadelphian RESTORATIONS  who take their influences from Rock, Metal and Shoegaze The new album LP3,listen to the song “Castles” the most unabashed shoot for the sky heart on our sleeve track with vocalist John Loudon’s gravel voiced,  vocals the chugging Rhythm section and enough Riffing guitars.This track “Separate Songs” is about everyday work drudgery with heartland rock melody and stabs of rock bludgeoning over amped guitars