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The Philadelphia five-piece likes amps and layers of guitars, loud clouds of thick noise that saturate every inch of available space. Their new lead single “The Red Door” off their upcoming fourth album LP5000 tumbles towards you, bursting with their usual rolling energy. It’s a satisfying anthem with a deeper, more cynical backbone.

The pains of gentrification weigh heavy, glaring through the desperately repeated lyric, “What remains? Every corner, a new name.” A red door becomes an omen of gentrification’s sweeping damage, both physical and emotional. Lead singer Jon Loudon recently spoke of his own neighborhood’s transformation saying, ”Philadelphia (and perhaps your town, too?) is rapidly changing. I wonder about where people go when they can’t afford to live in these new neighborhoods anymore. The red doors on all the new buildings feels like some kind of warning sign.”

Band Members
Dave Klyman – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Jon Loudon – Guitar/Vocals
Ben Pierce – Keys/Guitar/Backing Vocals
Dan Zimmerman – Bass/Backing Vocals
Jeff Meyers- Drums/Percussion

Restorations “LP5000” out 9/28/18 on Tiny Engines Records