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It might be a stretch to say Psymon Spine is a group inspired by LCD Soundsystem, as the boisterous, colourful sound they create as a unit stretches well beyond the parameters of James Murphy’s discography. With the gleaming, taffy-like synths that open Psymon Spine’s sophomore album Charismatic Megafauna, the Brooklyn-and-Berlin quartet flexes a muscle it previously showed only occasionally. Although the band’s 2017 debut LP You Are Coming to My Birthday often comprised muddy, thickly overdriven rock experiments, the edges of tracks such as “Transfiguration Church” and “Shocked” glowed with traces of sugary psychedelia. This melty, gooey sound comes into full view on Charismatic Megafauna lead-off “Confusion,” which springs vividly from the uniquely joyous soil where the roots of psychedelia and pop wrap around one another. It’s a fitting intro: Charismatic Megafauna is far more vibrant and colourful than its challenging, formidable predecessor

The latest sample from their forthcoming Charismatic Megafauna is PS at their most extreme—particularly signified by the strained vocal performance from Noah Prebish (who you may also know as a member of Barrie). “‘Channels’ was written in Acadia National Park, Maine, where we stayed for a few weeks to begin writing Charismatic Megafauna,” Prebish shares of the cathartic recording experience. “We spend the majority of our time in Brooklyn, NY absorbing energy, stress, and excitement, then go into the middle of nowhere to process all of those feelings through writing/recording. 


Additional composition, keys, and vocals on ‘Milk’ by Barrie Lindsay. Percussion on ‘Modmed’, ‘Jumprope’, and ‘Channels’ by Pablo Eluchans. Violin on ‘Different Patterns’ by Ruby Z Wang.

Released February 19th, 2021

All tracks written and performed by Noah Prebish, Peter Spears, Brother Michael Rudinski, Sabine Holler, and Nathaniel Coffey.