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First Aid Kit

With head-banging, strobe lights, and electric guitar solos, First Aid Kit brought a new energy to the Palace Theatre in January. Sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg just released their fourth album, ‘Ruins.’ The album features songs that fit the texture we’ve come to expect from First Aid Kit folksy sounds with beautiful harmonies  as well as expanding the group’s palette to include a harder-rocking sound.

Live, they channeled that energy with songs like “You Are the Problem Here,” which expresses the sisters’ frustration with the discussion surrounding sexual assault. “I think I can speak for every woman when I say that we’re really really f—ing tired of being afraid,” Klara said after the song ended, inspiring loud cheers.

The stage setup was simple; a white sheet behind the duo acted as a projector screen. Videos of country roads, mountains, hearts, and more were projected behind the group. The sisters were both dressed in red, with Johanna wearing a red shirt and Klara wearing a red dress. The other members of their band wore black cowboy-style shirts.

In addition to their edgier new material, First Aid Kit also delivered the warm, acoustic sound they’ve become known for with songs like “Postcard,” which Johanna said is the “most country-sounding song we’ve ever written.”

Bruce Springsteen has just released two new concerts into his ever-growing list of shows available as made-on-demand CD-Rs and digital downloads at  The first  show is from February 7th, 1977 in Albany, New York and the second is from the next night, February 8th in Rochester, New York.  They are significant as no soundboards from this portion of Bruce Springsteen’s touring career have ever surfaced before, and because they also feature a song which sees its first official release here:  “Action in the Streets.”

The years 1976 and 1977 were a bit trying for Springsteen.  After the breakthrough success of Born to Run in 1975, he and the E Street Band embarked on a long tour to promote the album.  The touring was to have lasted about a year and then work was to begin on a new album.  However, Springsteen became involved in litigation with his former manager Mike Appel and was barred from entering the studio.  Therefore, in order to bring in revenue, the tours continued.

These two concerts kick off what was to become the last leg of the tour, as the various lawsuits would be settled in May of 1977 and Bruce and his band would immediately begin work on Darkness on the Edge of Town.  The Darkness song “Something in the Night” is performed both nights with alternate lyrics from the later album version.  Two songs eventually cut from the album are also featured: “Rendezvous” and “The Promise.”  “Backstreets” from Born to Run also features expanded lyrics in its mid-section.  Springsteen covers Eddie Floyd one night with “Raise Your Hand.” In addition, the soul-tinged “Action in the Streets” makes its first official release with these two recordings.  Despite being performed at every show during this 1977 tour, Springsteen never laid it down in the studio.  Springsteen and The E Street Band are joined here by The Miami Horns in a different line-up from the one that recorded with fellow New Jersey musician Southside Johnny.

These two shows come from Front of House mix tapes recorded by Chas Gerber.  There are a couple of dropouts due to the tapes being flipped during the performances.  However, between the two shows, a complete version of each song is available.  The digital transfers and restoration were made by John K. Chester and Jamie Howarth, using the Plangent Process.  The concerts have been mastered by Jon Altschiller.