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Jessica Pratt On Your Own Love Again

“On Your Own Love Again” opened what was destined to be a very lonely year for me, so I can personally attest to its comforting properties. Listening to this album is healing, like a hug or a cup of tea is; it’s outwardly simple but deeply complex when examined further. Pratt has a voice that exists outside of time — and I’m convinced it always has — a scratchy soprano hiccup that floats and fills each song like a gentle ghost. The standout is “Back, Baby,” a reflection on time and loss that listens easy as an old Dylan song. Though there’s plenty of comparisons to be made between Jessica and Bob, she’s far more mystical than he was, even when he tried. And her mysticism comes all on her own.

On Your Own Love Again released through Drag City Records 27th January 2015.


This week’s World Cafe: Ones To Watch is artist, California based Jessica Pratt, who recently released her second album, “On Your Own Love Again”. Her self-titled 2011 debut wasn’t written or recorded with the idea that an audience would hear it — but people did. The new record has been made in much the same homemade manner as its predecessor, which preserves the quirky intimacy of Jessica Pratt’s songs.