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Our Vinyl session in Nashville, TN

July 8th, 2016 introduced by Bob Boilen At first it was simply the voice that shook me. A band discovered in Austin, Texas, during SXSW,  Sean Moeller of Daytrotter told me he was recording a new favorite band and I should listen to this new band . The house/makeshift studio on Austin’s East Side was saturated with the alluring voice of Natalie Carol and her solid yet rattling Neil Young-ish band. That was my introduction to Valley Queen, and since then they have shaken the walls at a few venues around the country, one of which was here at this NPR Tiny Desk Concert. When this band, which has only put out a few singles on Bandcamp so far, came to the Tiny Desk, its members played like veterans. Valley Queen’s music is rich with nuance and depth, rooted deep in California country. They are working toward that debut record, and three songs they played at the Tiny Desk were unreleased. Here is an early glimpse of some growing talent.

For more information about Valley Queen, visit its website:

Set List:
“In My Place”
“Hold On You”

Anais Mitchell has a new record called “xoa” in limited release this October, I made it mainly for YOU beautiful people in response to requests from y’all over the years it’s got a few new & previously unrecorded songs, a few from Hadestown that were sung by other artists on the record, and a few from my back catalogue!

Anais and her family are hitting the road for most of the fall and playing shows all over the states, UK & Ireland, and a few on the continent. Her voice is soft and sweet, her guitar work deft and evocative, but Anaïs Mitchell is a songwriting storyteller first and foremost. Robbed of a gift for melody and poetry, Mitchell would probably (and may yet) write some tremendous novels. Her ambitious recent discography bears out that notion: The 2010 album version of her star-packed folk opera Hadestown recasts Greek legend in America, while this year’s Young Man in America turns her thoughts to the pitfalls of modern life, inspired in part by the works of Mitchell’s writer father.
Thankfully, as this Tiny Desk Concert in the NPR Music offices demonstrates, Mitchell possesses a warm and ingratiating style to go with her evocative, impeccably crafted lyrics. Singing and playing alongside guitarist and longtime collaborator Michael Chorney, she performs three of Young Man in America’s most bracingly beautiful songs with clear-eyed directness that requires no adornment. Set List “Shepherd”,”Young Man In America”,”Tailor”