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Small Houses performs “Old Habits” on Audiotree Live, February 16th, 2015.

Small Houses is a Philadelphia, PA based alt-country project featuring the songs and poems of Flint, MI native Jeremy Quentin. Artfully crafted finger-style guitar playing, and softly sung melodies describing the people, love, and homes of Quentin’s life. Jeremy Quentin, the vocalist behind Lansing’s Small Houses, sings with an earnestness that’s hard to deny… Quentin’s music is based on delicate folk melodies and his plucked six-string, with sparse acoustic arrangements that are quietly beautiful.  Small Houses, is an indie folk artist and multi-instrumentalist who charmingly captures his surroundings in verse. Spinning tales full of honesty and gentle, pretty melodies. I find myself having difficulty describing the quality of such a set. Fantastic? Inspiring? Flawless? Launching with a few solo pieces by Jeremy Quentin, his hypnotic style and furious fingerpicking show me what the Michigan music scene is really about. This is the best kind of entertainment,