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Reissue alert! There are three formats for Protomartyr’s Debut album “No Passion All Technique” which was arguably one of the best releases in 2012 being re released in early May. The reissue has been long awaited ever since it’s original release, If you know you know, and Protomartyr’s debut is an album you need to know. Out of print basically from the moment it was released in 2012, it’s been but a whisper. Now hear the roar.

Frontman Joe Casey reflected on the album in a statement: My memory is shot, but I appreciate now, looking back, how raw and off-the-cuff it was. There’s tons of mistakes in it and that wasn’t because we planned on it. We still can’t really admit that it’s as good as it is. You never want to say that your first is the best, but I’m happy that the first ended up not being terrible. It gave us doorway to what we’d want to do later.