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ATO Records is thrilled to announce Nilüfer Yanya’s debut album “Miss Universe”, due out March 22nd. Nilufer uniquely blends elements of soul and jazz into intimate pop songs with electronic flourishes and a newly expressed grungy guitar sound. Miss Universe was largely recorded in the same remote Penzance studio she used to jam in with her uncle Joe – a former musician himself – and features co-productions with both her former school guitar teacher The Invisible’s Dave Okumu and her live bandmates Jazzi Bobbi and Luke Bower, as well as producers John Congleton and others.

2019 is starting in whirlwind fashion with Nilufer touring throughout February with Sharon Van Etten across North America.

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For the final lullaby recording during South by Southwest 2018, the London-based singer Nilüfer Yanya for her performance in the memory-filled world of Uncommon Objects. It’s a shop in Austin, Texas dedicated to sentimental curiosities of a world gone by. With that in mind, the relatively new musician with a bright future tackles a tune about something old and familiar: fond memories overwhelmed by the pain of love gone wrong.

“Baby Luv” can be found on Nilüfer Yanya’s 2018 release Do You Like Pain?The EP’s title is a line she repeats multiple times on “Baby Luv,” while her choppy guitar punctuates a weary, clock-like rhythm. That ticking beat is then amplified by the saxophone of her bandmate, Jazzi Bobbi while a camera pans a literary world of books that all seem blood-red. Objects once shiny and proud are worn and somewhat torn, with a future as uncertain as the love in this song

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Nilüfer Yanya, a West Londoner, draws inspiration from jazz and soul for gentle but achingly insistent songs driven by her own acoustic guitar fretwork. Watch her session from our day stage during SXSW.

This London-based  singer songwriter Nilfufer Yanya joined the PledgeHouse day party on March 13th at SXSW. The up-and-coming alternative/indie singer showed off her new-age sound, astounding the audience with her subtle saxophone and guitar arrangements, supporting her gorgeous, deep voice.

Nilüfer Yanya, a West Londoner, draws inspiration from jazz and soul for gentle but achingly insistent songs driven by her own acoustic guitar fretwork.

Songs performed 1:05 Angels 5:32 Golden Cage 14:25 Thanks 4 Nothin20:01 Baby Luv


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It seems like kind of a given that one of my favourite music videos of the year so far would feature weird tarot-type cards, an array of pantsuits and a cult leader. In addition, it also accompanies a slice of low-key, sultry pop from London musician Nilüfer Yanya, so I’m not sure how any millennial human could resist.

The music video for “Thanks 4 Nothing,” Yanya’s latest single, is grainy and surreal, starring her as a person who may or may not be a charismatic cult leader, and lots of mid-century modern furnishings. It looks fantastic, and its lack of over-the-top drama compliments the mood of the track exactly; evocative rather than in-your-face, bubbling from beneath with a sense of power and pressure.

The impeccable taste on display here is yet another reason to keep an eye on this artist as she makes her inevitable ascent – and let’s face it, there probably won’t be a more understatedly zeitgeist-y visual than Nilüfer Yanya draped in a red dressing gown casting a hand over some magic cards this year.

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Small Crimes by Nilüfer Yanya released on Blue Flowers Music, The frighteningly-talented songwriter Yanya – who dropped that awesome cover of The Pixies “Hey” last year DEEK-label head Bullion’s covers album – has followed up with her next track “Small Crimes”. It’s a song that brushes touchpoints like John Martyn and The XX while managing to be something entirely new.

“I’ve been working on this project for a while,” Yanya tells us. “I started writing songs when I was really young so things have very slowly evolved into the music I’m making now. It’s kind of weird to view it as a project because it is just me (and my music), I find it hard to think of them separately in that sense.”

On “Small Crimes”, Yanya’s masterful gossamer melodies toy with silence as much as the chiming interplay between vocal and guitar. Yanya began playing classical piano as a child but moved to guitar in her early teens and comes with an endorsement from Dave Okumu, who mentored her on the six string. She also credits  composer, writer and multi-instrumentalist Sorana Santos for encouraging her put voice to her songs. “I originally never planned to sing any of my songs,” she explains, “but I had some really great teachers and friends at school [who] encouraged me to do so.”

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London based singer/songwriter Nilüfer Yanya, accompanied by saxophonist Jazzi Bobbi, captivates you with her rich and golden tones in her performance of “Thanks For Nothing” . 

The 22-year-old started writing music almost a decade ago; she has also been mentored on guitar by Dave Okumu from the Invisible. “When I’m writing it’s like a burning energy,” she says. “If I come up with something I like, it’s very instinctive, you’re not really thinking. It feels like something you have to do.”

Growing up listening to Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse and Pixies (she does a terrific cover of Hey), she was also exposed to a mix of diverse sounds thanks to her artist parents, who have Turkish, Irish and Bajan heritage. Her husky voice and sparse, lo-fi sound flit between soul, R&B and indie; she describes her music as “raw – even when it’s a finished track it’s still got that kind of unfinished, unpolished edge to it”.

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Built around a blunt, dead-simple guitar line, “Baby Luv” hits a different emotional note. She played solo, and her voice cracked a few times; the new studio version, adds some sheen, with quiet percussion and subtle synths, but the take is just as raw. There’s not much in the way of a melody or beat, allowing Yanya’s voice to be the focus, strained as she continually repeats “Do you like pain?” and “call me sometime” on the chorus. While the peculiar tunefulness of her timber and the bounce of her delivery remains, she explains that the song is about “suppressing your feelings and not being able to feel the normal things like joy and pain.”

Baby Luv by Nilüfer Yanya Out now via Blue Flowers/ATO Records.

When London newcomer Nilüfer Yanya dropped her debut single “Small Crimes” via the respectable Blue Flower Records label back in August, we collectively said “holy shit this is brilliant”.  With echoes of Daughter within the sound of just electric guitar and vocal. Im sure we shall hear more very soon. Are you ready to fall in love? 21-year-old London singer-songwriter Nilüfer Yanya has completely and utterly captivated me with her first single “Small Crimes.” Backed by wisps of electric guitar and very little else, listen as Yanya’s distinctive, soul-laced words dance and sway with enviable ease, giving way to one of the most hypnotic debuts of the year so far.


“Small Crimes” by Nilüfer Yanya