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The 22-year-old singer/songwriter from Montclair New Jersey, Annie Blackman first started making and releasing music when she was still in school. Her debut album, “Blue Green“, released back in 2016, served as a soundtrack to her school days. Now five years on, having opened for the likes of Soccer Mommy and Field Medic, Annie is set to release a string of singles through the wonderful Father/Daughter Records, the first of which, “Why We Met”, came out this week.  A compulsive archivist, Blackman draws inspiration from her own diaries, schoolwork marginalia, and the hallowed grounds of the Notes App on her iPhone. Loving, liking, and longing inform Blackman’s lore. With measured vocals and hypnotic production, Blackman faithfully leads us through her world of faded dorm room furniture and pensive walks-home.

Blackman’s upcoming set of singles, to be released by Father/Daughter Records, chronicles her later college years, and subsequent foray into post-grad life. She has teamed up with friend and producer Evan Rasch (Skullcrusher, Runnner, Harvey Trisdale), who outfits the songs with plush slide guitar and shadowy ambiance to help realize her evolving vision.

Why We Met was recorded with friend and producer, Evan Rasch, whose production style melds perfectly into the evolution of Annie’s song writing, as she shifts from youth into young adulthood. The track seems to build around the rhythmic quality of Annie’s guitar-playing, which is slowly enveloped in waves of luxurious slide-guitar and a cornucopia of ambient sounds, bringing to mind the likes of Skullcrusher .

Blackman’s latest single, “Why We Met,” is a study in slow motion. As she watches the song’s subject nurse a beer, Blackman takes us inside her gaze, wading through a mundane moment of asymmetrical beauty. “You’re looking up and I’m looking at your neck/ tilted back/ Clock the curvature,/ the bottle starts to sweat,” she sings. “You’re scared of leaving/ and I wonder why we met.” Despite lush, intently searching guitar, glowing through Blackman’s hazy lilt, the question of how to love aptly goes unanswered. As with all of Blackman’s music, her new project promises sincerity, scope, and the capacity to make her listeners feel known.

Lyrically, this feels like a deeply human study on the idea of connection; Annie repeatedly nothing, “I don’t know how to love you”, as eyes meet with a certain uneasy sense of parting, “you’re scared of leaving, and I’m wondering why we met”. Throughout, the track fizzes with an emotional intensity, the images may be hazy, the details blurred by an overwhelming sense of an ending, yet the feeling remains. This is an open-hearted piece of song writing, beautiful, bruised and ready to make a real impression on anyone willing to give it their time.

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“Why We Met” is out now via Father/Daughter Records