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A traditional housewife being cheated on by an insipid mansplainer – but wait. There’s a huge plot twist. At the end, when the housewife wanders around the house in the middle of the night, we find that the horrible man is actually slaughtering all of these women in their very own basement. Mitski brings all of the blood and gore into a somewhat sweet-sounding song, and adds even more detail to an already vivid story.


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Continuing their near impeccable run of releases on the excellent Dead Oceans label, New York’s Mitski Miyawaki is set to release her new album,” Puberty 2″, next month. The follow up to 2014’s Bury Me At Makeout Creek, the early signs are that the record is a subtle step up for Mitski, and a more confident and fully realised record than it’s predecessor.


This week Mitski has shared the albums second single, Happy. The track builds from the rapid fluttering of a processed beat, via squelching electronics and a delightfully honking saxophone, it’s the surprisingly effective middle ground of Julia Holter and John Grant channeling his maximum level of 1980’s funk. Discussing the track, Mitski has noted it’s about the exhausting cycle of happiness and misery, concluding, “happiness fucks you. Once it’s in your hands you try to hold onto it, but the nature of happiness is that it passes through and eventually leaves, and something else – sadness, anger, a low after the high – has to follow.” If this track is anything to go by, whilst we might avoid suggesting it makes us happy, the music of “Puberty 2″ is going to be a darn site better than we remember our teenage years sounding the first time around.


Puberty 2 is out June 17th via Dead Oceans. Mitski tours the UK in October