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While Foo Fighters may not have put on a New Year’s Eve livestream like so many other acts, the alt-rockers did provide a musical send off to 2020 with a new single, “No Son Of Mine”. The song, released last Thursday, comes as the second single from the new album “Medicine At Midnight” following “Shame Shame“. According to a handwritten statement from frontman Dave Grohl posted to social media, the band had originally intended to release Medicine At Midnight prior to mounting its 25th anniversary Van Tour. After that got postponed—along with every other tour—Foo Fighters decided to wait out the storm. And that’s what they did: wait. However, Grohl now says that “the wait is over.”

‘Medicine at Midnight’ will be released on February. 5th, nearly a year after frontman Dave Grohl announced that the Foo Fighters‘ 10th album was completed. Its nine songs include the lead single “Shame Shame,” which they premiered on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in early November. Guitarist Chris Shifflet said a lot of the songs are “groove-based,” adding that Grohl’s background as a drummer means “he’s always coming up with rhythmic twists and riffs based on rhythms that he hears in his head.”

As expected, “No Son Of Mine” is a rocker. Between an earworm Motörhead guitar riff and pulsating drums, Grohl’s lyrics come out to the forefront to lay out fatherly expectations of kin devoid of evildoing. Grohl said of the song, and the album, in his statement, 

Dear Everyone, It was almost exactly a year ago that we finished recording our “new” record Medicine At Midnight, with a massive world tour planned that would have taken us around the globe celebrating our 25th anniversary as a band. But, well…you know…Until we finally realized that our music is made to be heard, whether it’s in a festival field with 50,000 our of closest friends, or alone in your living room on a Saturday night with a stiff cocktail. So, the wait is over.

As we say goodbye (f*ck you) to 2020, and flip the calendar page to 2021, let’s ring in the new year with a new rocker, “No Son Of Mine”.  Pour a drink, turn it up, close your eyes and imagine that festival field blowing up to this. Because it f*cking will.

Happy New Year, Dave

Medicine At Midnight // The New Album Available February.5th 2021

After an agonising long wait for new Foo Fighters music, we finally got a new single in the form of the surprisingly funky ‘Shame Shame’. There was a lot of teasing over the last week or so for what appears to be a new Foo Fighters album, yes, they have a new album coming called “Medicine At Midnight” and the first single off it is called ‘Shame Shame’, perhaps unlike any Foo Fighters single we’ve heard either as the band really go hard on the groove and funk with this new banger. Think of a poppy dance track but done with the Foo Fighters’ guitar-heavy aesthetic.

Since this was a new musical direction for the band, Chris Shiflett and Nate Mendel unpack what they were going for this time around. And as with most Foo Fighters songs, it all begins with Dave Grohl. During last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, musical guest Foo Fighters took the opportunity to debut “Shame Shame” from their new album. The new record—also announced on Saturday—is titled Medicine at Midnight and is out on February 5th, 2021 via Roswell Records/RCA.

“[‘Shame Shame’] kind of stands out on the record, it’s definitely a little different than anything we’ve ever done before and it’s a little bit different than anything else on the record, although the record has a lot of songs that are, you know, groove-based like this one is,” says Chris. “Dave’s a drummer so he’s always coming up with rhythmic twists and riffs based on rhythms that he hears in his head.”

The lyrics reference feelings of shame and the music video, which will be released soon, is something we haven’t really seen from the Foos before. So were the band feeling shameful when writing ‘Shame Shame’? “That’s a great question to ask Dave!” laughs Chris. “He wrote the lyrics, I don’t really know what he’s referencing so I should ask him!”.

Ambiguous lyrics aside, the band went through a number of wildly different versions of ‘Shame Shame’ before settling on the final one we got. In fact, Nate says he originally wasn’t even supposed to play on the song. “For ‘Shame Shame’, it started of as just a bunch of clicks from Dave [clicks fingers], almost like flamenco, and it just grew out of that,” recalls Nate. “There wasn’t going to be any bass line originally, like, it just felt like it needed keyboards and I was fine with that.” The November 7th episode of SNL featured the venerable alt-rockers performing in support of host Dave Chappelle. In a fortuitous twist, Saturday was also the day that Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, likely resulting in an increased viewership which made this the ideal opportunity for Dave Grohl and co. to share their new music.

“Shame Shame” starts off sparing, with the song built around pulsating beats. For the first verse, Grohl is just focused on his vocals as the rhythm is controlled by his fellow guitarists Christopher Shiflett and Pat Smear. Along with the help of a pair of backup vocalists, the song takes a delicate and lyrical approach which displays an added layer of depth that is hopefully present throughout the band’s 10th studio endeavor. “I like the idea that you don’t need an electric bass on every single fucking song, and I ended up playing on it just to give it extra character on top of what was already there like a bit of extra added texture. So that was the plan, just to throw out the rule book.” There was a lot of talk about how Medicine At Midnight would contain a riff Dave has been working on for 25 years. So did we hear it on ‘Shame Shame’?,

Foo Fighters also performed “Times Like These” from their 2002 album One By One.

Stay tuned for more Foo Fighters coverage because we got a lot more from Chris and Nate about the Medicine At Midnight, dealing with COVID and lockdown, looking back on the Foo Fighters’ long career, and that 25-year-old riff coming very soon.