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Native Sun - Songs Born From Love and Hate

Native Sun’s debut EP, Songs Born from Love and Hate, showcases the band’s untamed energy and garage-rock bona fides. They were among the best Paste Studio sessions of 2017 list. Matthew Oshinsky wrote, “This quartet from Brooklyn has been around for all of six months and positively gives no fucks—and that’s what you need in a young band: hunger, amplifiers, and something to scream about.” Watch them rip through the song “Blow” at the Studio.

Native Sun blend chunky, Stones’ chord riffs, acidic Alice Cooper-esque vocals, and heaping spoonfuls of mid-70s raunch and roll and you get Brooklyn’s quartet Native Sun, a swaggering group that wears its influences proudly on its sleeve. Their five-song EP debut Songs Born From Love and Hateis a promising offering.

A band could do so much worse than modeling their sound on an epic era in rock music, wherein blues added some heft and glam, then gave birth to punk. All of that is spread generously across this energetic set. Crunching guitars, layered one upon another, whine and shred while choruses shout out anthemic slogans like “I really want it again,” “I don’t mind,” and “I get what I want right now!”

However, it’s on the final two “Blow” and “Pink Sky” that the band seems to take steps toward uniqueness, with the addition of the alchemy ingredient: a gram or two of psychedelia.

Native SunBlow Recorded Live: 12/20/2017 – Paste Studios – New York, NY


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On their second album, Toronto art-rockers Weaves tightened up the formula of their debut, adding pop-informed melodies to their fuzzy guitars and barbed observations. The jangly perfection of “Walkaway” and acoustic inoffensiveness of “Grass” beautifully signal this new direction, while the T. Rex-infused, oddball glam of “Slicked”—imbued with a heavy dose of bubblegum-snapping attitude from vocalist and songwriter Jasmyn Burke , She polishes up the best moments from their previous effort.

Weaves – Slicked Recorded Live: 10/17/2017 – Paste Studios – New York, NY

Taking a spiritual cue from the socially-conscious but introspective approach of Bruce Springsteen, Burke, Waters and company have plenty of vitriol to counter the step or two toward the mainstream. “We are living in a time where misery is just a comm on circumstance,” she sings on “Scream,” a fiery collaboration with Tanya Tagaq that takes on everything from body-image to reproductive rights—the stick beat and freak-out grunts reminding us that Weaves can still get wonderfully weird.

Weaves – Walkaway – 10/17/2017 – Paste Studios, New York, NY

WeavesLa La Recorded Live: 10/17/2017 – Paste Studios – New York, NY