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Thousands upon thousands of fans gathered in one space with hands aloft, screaming along to every word and their body shaking with adrenaline as track after track hits them like a tidal wave. That feeling, of being wrapped up in a band who seize the euphoric and turn it into something vital and real in front of your eyes, that feeling is what makes a band special. Emblazoned front and centre, it’s what Sea Girls burst and pulse with – a band aiming first and foremost at being the torch-bearing sing-a-long for a whole new generation and a band trading, at its core, in what may seem the simplest of sciences. Turn everything up a notch, write anthems to throw yourselves into and be that soundtrack for the best nights of people’s lives.”

Band Members:
Henry Camamile, Rory Young, Andrew Dawson & Oli Khan

‘Under Exit Lights’ EP

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2Q Festival Lincoln tickets

2Q Festival Lincoln tickets

A video companion, directed by Matt Eastin, to Joshua James’ version of “Dramamine” from the album “Well, Then, I’ll Go To Hell” written by Isaac Brock and the Modest Mouse boys.

Joshua James is an American singer-songwriter currently based out of Fork, Utah and Lincoln, NebraskaHis original debut release of The Sun is Always Brighter was the in the Folk Album list best in 2007 and sold in excess of 25,000 copies by the end of 2008. The album caught the attention of the  Indie Folk scene, with Paste Magazine naming him one of their “Next 25 Artists You Need To Know”,  He subsequently supported tours by John Mayer, David Gray, Ani DiFranco, on North American tours. NPR Radio has also cited James in one of their “Song of the Day” publishings. They featured his “The New Love Song”[3] as one of the best new songs from a previously unknown artist in a long time. Joshua James “a young Mid Western singer-songwriter who writes hard-bitten songs of family tragedies and sings them in a voice that’s as sun-bleached and wind-battered as a Nebraska cornfields.

James’s third album, “From The Top of Willamette Mountain”, was released in November 2012, on Intelligent Noise Records. It was produced by  multi instrumentalist Richard Swift, who also collaborated on it with James. They recorded it at Richard’s home studio dubbed National Freedom Studios. Evan Coulombe, long time friend and band mate played Electric Guitars on the record. Over the span of a year and half Evan Coulombe and Joshua James recorded, when time allowed, cover songs of older Modest Mouse songs. These collaborations / covers were put into a recording and released as “Well, Then, I’ll Go To Hell” in 2013.