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With their debut album a now imminent prospect, we’ve been blasting Sea Girls at every sunny opportunity. In particular, ‘Closer’ is a great track to add to your playlists for a brilliant dose of indie joy. With trilling guitars and an infectious chorus, the tune remains one of their best.

Well here we are! Our debut album ‘Open Up Your Head’ is finally out. We’ve played music together since we first started learning instruments (however badly) in our teens and its so humbling that it’s lead to this. This has been the craziest journey of our lives and whilst it hasn’t always been a smooth ride all of our experiences have led us to this moment and it’s an honour to share this album with you. This band has taken us to so many amazing places and given us the chance to pursue what has felt like a fevered pipe dream at times. Ultimately we’re just four guys who love music and it’s every one of you that makes this band what it is, thank you for being with us every step of the way. We’re privileged to have a community that supports us and each other and the connection we feel with you guys is truly special. So let’s turn the music up fucking loud and enter the Open Up Your Head era together. 

We’re so excited to announce we’re going to be hitting the road again in November for a run of special intimate record store shows! Pre-order ‘Open Up Your Head’ from these independent record stores for tickets. You’ll get an album, you’ll get a ticket and we get to see all your lovely faces again!.  Nottingham, Bristol and Marlborough tickets will be available from tomorrow.

Band Members
Henry Camamile, Rory Young, Andrew Dawson & Oli Khan

‘Open Up Your Head’ The debut album Polydor Records

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After taking 2019 by the scruff of the neck and making it their own with some great festival appearances, as well as a blistering trajectory in 2020, Sea Girls have come out all guns blazing with their emotionally charged, deeply personal, hook laden debut album “Open Up Your Head” – on Polydor. Featuring fourteen doses of memorable jagged guitar-pop brilliance, the LP was produced by Larry Hibbitt in London. It is no surprise that Sea Girls are confidently clear in who they are. This assertive stance on just what their style is, and what type of songs they are drawn toward bringing to vinyl, resulting in a collection of tracks that can’t help but draw an abundance of refreshed appreciation from fans and critics alike. Each time I’ve seen this band they just bring joy.

‘Transplant’ has been described as “the most Sea Girls song ever”, and it does follow the band’s established hit-song formula. The lyrics are brutal; Henry Camamile sings “your heart changed, mine stayed the same”, and the line can’t help but hit home for numerous fans listening along. The group effortlessly relate to their audience throughout the record, having spent years getting to know them with exciting and vibrant live sets.

We can weave together a rough story line, and there’s a humour in the description of two people being on the phone and unable to really hear each other. However, the comical situation becomes heartbreaking; the song is essentially a goodbye, and an ode to collapsing communications. A euphoric chorus greets us after the fierce build up, with vocals and guitars woven together in a howling few lines that truly do epitomize the band’s thunderous, almost-pop sound.

‘Closer’, ‘Call Me Out’, and ‘Violet’ are some of the pre-existing tracks that have made it on to the album track list, and slot in brilliantly with the new material. ‘Do You Really Know’ is the perfect summer anthem, with a boppy melody underlying slightly darker lyrics.

Though known primarily for indie-pop, ‘Lie To Me’ shows a Sea Girls experimenting slightly with style; it’s almost Western in the vocal style and clapping melodies underpinning them. “I cut my teeth on something that I shouldn’t eat” is one of their best lines yet, and leads in to the candid exclamation, “I’m a baby”. ‘Forever’ soon follows, as the product of year of tweaking and precise labour. Sharp, galvanizing guitars crescendo and beautifully compliment the huge vocal strength. Something about the song is just inextricably mammoth; there’s an immensity to it that many aim for, and not many reach.

Keen to also open up their tracks to gentler tones, the group have penned ‘You Over Anyone’; a ballad telling a universally relatable love story. It doesn’t quite live up to ‘Daisy Daisy’ – a soft track from their 2017 “Call Me Out” EP, but it is hard to imagine that much will.

Sea Girls, released the stunning new animated visual for their latest single, ‘All I Want To Hear You Say’, which is lifted from their forthcoming debut album ‘Open Up Your Head’, out on August 14th.

The animated video, directed by acclaimed Korean-Swedish duo Tjoff Koong Studios (Tezo Kyungdon Lee and Magnus Lenneskog), takes the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster.

“When I wrote this song I was trying to channel some emotional highs and lows of the likes of Kurt Cobain,” says lead singer Henry Camamile. “Full of visual adrenalin, it builds with rushes of excitement and lack of control. Someone build a rollercoaster through the city and we’ll get on it.”

The animated video, directed by acclaimed Korean-Swedish duo Tjoff Koong Studios (Tezo Kyungdon Lee and Magnus Lenneskog), takes the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster.

“When I wrote this song I was trying to channel some emotional highs and lows of the likes of Kurt Cobain,” says lead singer Henry Camamile. “Full of visual adrenalin, it builds with rushes of excitement and lack of control. Someone build a rollercoaster through the city and we’ll get on it.”

With tracks such as this, you forget that the core concept to the album is a traumatic head injury. The effervescent tunes catch in your own head, and skillfully glaze over the darkness that grounds much of the lyrical content. You dance along, joining in with the rose-coloured illusion of the songs themselves.

‘Shake’ and ‘Moving On’ also revert back to Sea Girls’ raucous roots, with the expected blazing chorus’ near enough begging you to see them live and sing along. The latter track in particular ends the album on a triumphant note; the message of acceptance and optimism towards a projected progress is glaringly forefront. Henry’s vocals flare and spark with an immersive buoyancy: the entire track is lifted through melody and tone. We see a lighter, unburdened band close the collection.

Band Members:
Henry Camamile, Rory Young, Andrew Dawson & Oli Khan

The band have also announced a run of intimate in-store shows for November

‘Open Up Your Head’ The debut album


Fresh off the back of their Under Exit Lights EP, Sea Girls are treating us with even more new music, starting with new single Do You Really Wanna Know? The new single arrives alongside the announcement of the band’s debut album, Open Up Your Head, out August 14th via Polydor Records.

With bragging rights as the next generation of British sing-along maestros, Sea Girls seem under no pressure to release another anthemic tune to their repertoire. Do You Really Wanna Know? is a 3 minute bop about spoiling precious moments with questions.

One of their more upbeat tunes, it’s chorus has a firm boyband feel and a rhythm reminiscent of an obscure 90’s TV show credits which I can’t quite place. It doesn’t feel like the instant classic some of their older songs have upon release, yet Caville’s vocals carry enough power that you can already hear this being sung back to them during one of their raucous live shows.

One thing is certain, Sea Girls have found the magic potion for writing feel-good indie pop with incessantly catchy choruses and don’t intend stopping any time soon. For this reason, we’re psyched for the release of their long-awaited debut album Open Up Your Head in August.

Band Members:
Henry Camamile, Rory Young, Andrew Dawson & Oli Khan

sea girls ready for more

Lincolnshire indie rockers have been impressing listeners with the strength of the singles which are loaded with hook and are just so damn addictive. The fresh faced fourpiece can often be heard on BBC Radio 1 and they have now just dropped their ‘Under Exit Lights’ EP that reveals a band eager to thrill the new generation across six tracks highly polished to pop precision.

“We’ve worked so hard to get here. We’re so clear-headed about where we want to go, where we want to be and what we want to say. I don’t want to let anything knock us off track. 2020 is going to be massive for us. Bring it on.”

Sea Girls have a sound that is unforgettable and upbeat. They have already built a massive worldwide following and are nearing 800,000 monthly Spotify listeners. Their debut album is coming this summer and they are already the staple on several official Spotify playlists. Sea Girls have just released an EP called “Under Exit Lights” which contains 6 tracks, some full band and some acoustic, which shows a different side of the band. The EP starts off with their last released banger-of-a-single “Ready for More“, which is still stuck in our heads from the first time we heard it. Another great track on this EP to zone in on is called “Why Won’t You Admit.” Another synth-heavy pop-rock smash, Sea Girls are really showing that they know how to pen catchy hooks and feel-good jams.

Sea Girls are: Henry Camamile (vocals/guitar), Rory Young (guitar),
Andrew Dawson (bass) and Oli Khan (drums)

As you wait for their debut LP, dive into this 20-minute collection of music: ‘Under Exit Lights’ is out on Polydor Records

Thousands upon thousands of fans gathered in one space with hands aloft, screaming along to every word and their body shaking with adrenaline as track after track hits them like a tidal wave. That feeling, of being wrapped up in a band who seize the euphoric and turn it into something vital and real in front of your eyes, that feeling is what makes a band special. Emblazoned front and centre, it’s what Sea Girls burst and pulse with – a band aiming first and foremost at being the torch-bearing sing-a-long for a whole new generation and a band trading, at its core, in what may seem the simplest of sciences. Turn everything up a notch, write anthems to throw yourselves into and be that soundtrack for the best nights of people’s lives.”

Band Members:
Henry Camamile, Rory Young, Andrew Dawson & Oli Khan

‘Under Exit Lights’ EP

Sea Girls have toasted a new record deal with a thumping new single. The four-piece have stormed across the country, releasing a string of indie rock bangers to electrify fans.

Polydor Records have swooped to sign the band, with Sea Girls also announcing their biggest ever UK tour.

Hitting London’s Kentish Town Forum on October 10th, the quartet have also shared brand new single ‘Damage Done’. It’s a song about “about young love and moving on” it’s an indie rock track that looks continually to the future.

Vocalist and songwriter Henry Camamile explains the track: “‘Damage Done’ is about young love and moving on. The night before the song was written I recognised that a part of my past was amazing, a bit flawed and broken all at the same time. I wanted to try to be at peace with it, and to realise that better things are to come rather than holding onto the past. I sort of told myself I’m singing to no one if I’m not thinking of the future.”

October 2nd Nottingham Rescue Rooms


Sea Girls have unveiled their next single ‘Heavenly War’.  Last year, Londoners Sea Girls unveiled a string of explosive singles, including their debut ‘Call Me Out’, the compelling track ‘Lost’ and ‘What For’. It’s yet another slice of shimmering indie-disco that’s filled with rolling, cascading drum licks and another soaring hook. 

The single release comes ahead of the band’s first headline UK tour, launching from London’s Omera on February 1st. Speaking of the single, frontman Henry Camamile explained: “This song is about that weirdly exciting but quite difficult conflict of feelings and events that makes our lives worth living. Ultimately describing that moment when you feel the best about life. I think it’s a really positive message.”

With its addictive shimmering sound, ‘Heavenly War’ is another cracking indie-soaked single from Sea Girls that had us instantly hitting repeat. London alt-indie quartet, with Henry Camamile’s baritone arguably one of the best new indie voices to be heard. Two previous singles, ‘Call Me Out’ and ‘Lost’ in 2017 proved they’re not one hit wonders

01 London, Omeara
02 Bristol, The Exchange
03 Leicester, The Cookie
08 Manchester, Deaf Institute
09 Leeds, Brudenell Community Room
10 Glasgow, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut