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Austin-based dream-rock band Moving Panoramas have shared “Baby Blues,” the first single from their forthcoming sophomore album In Two, out February. 22nd, 2019, via Modern Outsider. The track is a breezy, summery jam, made all the more light and airy by its carefree video. Directed by singer Leslie Sisson, the video finds the band prank-warring by sea and by land. The group seem enamored by the concept of “two”—it’s in the name of their album, which is their second, with a release date of 2/22—and “Baby Blues” seems to present the motif as a symbol of both progress and stasis. Moving Panoramas have had some lineup changes, and while Sisson’s dreamy vocals and the propellant jams of their previous work are still the focus, the subject matter seems to be oriented toward how certain things change, and how certain things stay the same. “Here we are / another year / same time, same spot,” Sisson sings.

Austin-based band Moving Panoramas will release their highly anticipated sophomore album In Two on February 22nd via Modern Outsider. The album can be pre-ordered now on CD and LP at the Modern Outsider online store.

It’s been three years since Moving Panoramas’ debut One took over our hearts, set up residence and longed for Texan sunsets and lullabies about one night stands. In that time, the band has re-arranged itself into different incarnations, like Dr. Who, shifting and remolding -not remodelling- itself into a dreamgazing machine.

‘Baby Blues’ is the new single off their new album, In Two. There’s no time for sadness, with an intrepid pace that burns through, the echoes of the crackling fires still resonating after the deed has been done. Well-worn pop staples like a delectable bridge and a quiet part the driving tempo fires beneath Leslie Sisson’s typically exquisite guitar tones, rolling into a hook that jumps with Cara Tillman’s backup vocals. The longish track ultimately snowballs into a kingdom-come moment of shoegazey audio overload.” shine it make ‘Baby Blues’ a good omen for the upcoming In TwoThe album comes out in February 2019 and that’s a damn long time to wait


Moving Panoramas – “Baby Blues” digital single available October 26th, 2018
via Modern Outsider Records From their upcoming sophomore album, In Two, in stores Feb 22, 2019.