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S.O.R.E. is our first true encounter with Leroy Francis, a multi-instrumentalist and known insomniac originally from Sydney, Australia. Considering those facts, the story goes that Francis has spent countless sleepless nights, resulting in a rather large library of self-made tape recordings at home from his bedroom. This new EP includes 6 tracks from those bleary-eyed, wee-morning-hour sessions, and you certainly get that sense while listening.

S.O.R.E. (or Songs On Repeat Every Day) is a dazzling mixture of brooding pop and shredded guitar crunches, all blended together into a swirling, psych-tinged landscape. There’s a cool serving of fizzy electronics stretched through a couple of tracks, lending their sounds perfectly to titles “Intoxicated Dreams” and “Comatose.” “Intoxicated Dreams” is built up with dazed guitar leads and steady electronic percussion. You’ll find Francis using his peculiar voice as a tool in certain moments, adding a sense of depth to songs that would otherwise not be present, citing the interlude in track 3 “For What’s To Come.” During some moments I’m reminded of King Tuff, because of his tone, but because of the way he delivers his voice.

“Carry Me” is constructed with sharp, buzz-saw guitars, with Francis’ gritty vocals soaring through the buzzy atmosphere. “Comatose” has its throbbing basses and icy synth beams. Francis is at his best in the brutally honest “Sleeping Ain’t Easy,” singing a lullaby of sorts with his impeccably breathy and unique tone. His voice falls right into place as the instrumentation flows in like a refreshing wave in an endless ocean. It’s a dreamy affair, with a floating atmosphere that’s streamed with warbled guitars and a buoyant bassline that flows against the grain.


Released May 17th, 2018