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London based singer songwriter Laurel is releasing her new album ‘DOGVIOLET’ on Friday (24th August), and we’re sharing the preview of the record – the brilliantly emotional track, cutting ‘Adored’.

Set around crunchy guitars and gorgeously echoed vocals, the track is incessant in its energy and intensity, impossible to not be enveloped in. It’s a largely one-dimensional track, but instead of becoming negatively repetitive, it slowly starts to show its colours via the addition of swirling backing vocals and woozy extra layers of guitar, becoming a whirlwind of noise by its conclusion.

‘DOGVIOLET’ comes out on 24th August via Counter Records. It’ll be supported on a UK tour in September and October.


The new album ‘DOGVIOLET’, comes out on 24th August via Counter Records. It’ll be supported on a UK tour in September and October.

London-based artist Laurel’s debut album is a powerful collection of meditations on love and the pursuit of romantic interests. Entitled Dogviolet, the album is mostly comprised of the artist’s siren-like vocal’s and her melodic guitar accompaniment. It’s indie rock but stripped down to the absolute essentials. The overdriven wail of a guitar and the croonings of an artist delving into the sinister side of passion. Recorded entirely in the artist’s home studio, Dogviolet retains a strong sense of lo-fi production sensibilities.

It’s an album that lives and even thrives on its own imperfections. Laurel is indeed a powerful singer, yet when she really touches off the mainline her voice can strain. Take the album opener ‘Life Worth Living’, a song that comes from the depths of infatuation. The repeated refrain of “Take what you need darling / I’m just here for you” is a touch on the pitchy side and the guitar a tad stabby too. Instead of this being to the album’s detriment, moments like these give Dogviolet it’s strong personality.

Comparisons will invariably be made to Florence Welch, indeed both artist’s share a similar vocal timbre and two musical sounds not opposed to one another. However, Laurel’s output is far less filtered than anything Florence & the Machine have done. Also, where Welch’s lyricism is vague and often faux-mystical, Laurel’s lyrics are streamlined and always cut close to the bone.

At times, like in the wonderful ‘Same Mistakes’ and ‘Hold Tight’, it sounds like the artist is struggling with a sort of frantic mania, one which verges on obsession. When she screams “I don’t want you/ But I still want you to love me”, it’s the sound of a human caught up in the ugly side of love. Powerful stuff indeed.

From the album ‘DOGVIOLET’, released 24 August 2018 on Counter Records:


Laurel: From the swooning, cinematic romance of the opening notes of ‘To The The Hills’ and ‘Memorials’, you can hear that this is a serious artist with high ideas. Imagine a young, British Lana Del Rey with a more contemporary urban edge. Playing: BRUDENELL SOCIAL CLUB GAMES ROOM, 2nd MAY, at 20:30pm




from a tiny town on the south coast and only 19 years old Laurel has her own definate ideals and style, Lush Strong Vivid vocals with a romantic atmosphere , She recently supported Dan Croll on his short tour of the UK.