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Here & Elsewhere is a loose assortment of singers and players, originally gathered together in Orange County, CA, including Emily, Nick, Ken, Mark, Travis, Mary (in spirit), Chris A. (in spirit), and Dan. All music was/is recorded on an 8 track Korg D888 Digital Recording Studio, in hallways and on headphones.

‎Composer Daniel McClure has said For the last few months I’ve been working on a soundtrack for a movie set in Mississippi, and the directors asked for open-tuned slide/dobro/drone blues (no strumming acoustic – which is my comfort zone). At the same time, I finally bought Carruthers’ Playing the Bass with Three Left Hands, which led me to do a deep chronological study of Spacemen 3 (go through LPs, singles, live stuff (thanks to all who put those incredible live downloads up!) – including a re-read of the 2004 book). As I was going through the Spacemen 3 catalog and playing dobro/slide/drone music for the soundtrack, I got an itch to record some songs (the Velvets/Stooges/Spacemen 3 lineage really makes you want to play music). The style that usually works for me (and my voice) is acoustic drone with a fluttering background. For side project, see Lazy Fair.


Recorded in May 2020.
Released June 4th 2020

Witchita, Kansas musician Jordana, formerly Jordana Nye, is re-releasing her 2019 album Classical Notions Of Happiness” via Grand Jury Music in March, with three new tracks added. One of them is low key indie rock track “Crunch,” about which she says, “‘Crunch’ is a feeling of an overbearing want for validation from someone and getting the cold shoulder from them.


The song starts out with the confidence in knowing this person could possibly notice you and ends in anger and frustration seeing that they ignored you, established by a distorted guitar solo.

New single, featuring MELVV  aka Jeff Melvin , from Jordana’s Classical Notions of Happiness, re-mastered and expanded version coming March 27th via Grand Jury Music. Directed by POND.

Former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning is scheduled for release from prison today May 17th, after her 35-year prison sentence for leaking classified information to WikiLeaks was commuted by President Barack Obama before the end of his term. When news of Manning’s release was made public, various artists took to the internet to celebrate the decision. Now, a new compilation has been assembled to benefit Manning as she leaves prison and re-enters the free world. “Hugs For Chelsea” features songs from Thurston Moore, Against Me!, Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, Downtown Boys, Priests, and more,

The compilation is set to feature unreleased music by Ted Leo and Screaming Females as well.


Below, find a video of Michael Stipe showing his support for Manning and the compilation. Check out the full tracklist and buy it here.