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Jordana has shared a new EP titled Something To Say via Grand Jury Music. It’s the first of a two-part EP series, with her follow-up To You arriving in the fall. Classical Notions of Happiness has plenty of folk and lo-fi pop moments as well as stripped-back indie-pop ones, and Jordana’s music has only become more dense since then. Something To Say is full of richly-produced, hooky indie-pop—each song brimming with intriguing textures. Fried synths and warm guitar tones hover over bulky, glitchy beats, and there’s never a flat moment. The six-track EP’s sonic magnetism is due in part to producer MELVV, who also worked on “Crunch,” a standout track from her re-released debut album. Jordana’s stylish, airy vocals have never sounded better as they float effortlessly like plush clouds.

“Forgetter” from Jordana’s “Something To Say” EP, out July 31st

Witchita, Kansas musician Jordana, formerly Jordana Nye, is re-releasing her 2019 album Classical Notions Of Happiness” via Grand Jury Music in March, with three new tracks added. One of them is low key indie rock track “Crunch,” about which she says, “‘Crunch’ is a feeling of an overbearing want for validation from someone and getting the cold shoulder from them.


The song starts out with the confidence in knowing this person could possibly notice you and ends in anger and frustration seeing that they ignored you, established by a distorted guitar solo.

New single, featuring MELVV  aka Jeff Melvin , from Jordana’s Classical Notions of Happiness, re-mastered and expanded version coming March 27th via Grand Jury Music. Directed by POND.