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The Norwegian duo recently released their debut album ‘Saints and Sebastian Stories’ to widespread acclaim,

Konradsen’s warm intimacy both strangely familiar but uniquely their own is one which will stay with you in the months and years to come…” Ending the year on a high, the project have shared the full video for heavenly song ‘Dice’.

Stripped from the recent album, it’s given fresh life in this visual rendering, the soft focus visuals having a raw yet also intimate quality. Steered by Teodora Georgijević, the clip is the perfect compliment to Konradsen’s soothingly addictive melodies.

Band Members:
Jenny Marie Sabel & Eirik Vildgren

Saints and Sebastian Stories

Upon relocating to Oslo for college, two longtime friends from Norway’s northern fringe discovered a powerful musical chemistry. As Konradsen, Jenny Marie Sabel and Eirik Vildgren deliver an artful new spin on tender coffeehouse indie, infusing it with flashes of folk and post-rock and avant-R&B without wavering from their distinct voice. Their debut “Saints And Sebastian Stories” is spellbinding, like encountering an old friend in a dream and discovering they have superpowers.

Konradsen, the duo of vocalist and pianist Jenny Marie Sabel and multi-instrumentalist Eirik Vildgren, trace their roots to the far north of Norway, where the black night of winter is backlit by the neon glow of the Northern Lights. It’s a fitting metaphor for the music the pair crafts, where tradition meets innovation, and the natural world expresses its astral filament.

Inspired by the traditional songs and hymns Sabel sang with her family as a child, the duo’s debut album ‘Saints and Sebastian Stories’ weaves Sabel’s soulful and transportive vocals with field recordings and samples of ambient sounds, filtered through a modern pop filter. Voices of past and present dance over minimalist piano, atmospheric electronics, programmed beats and organic horns, forming a delicate sonic narrative centered on family and community that reflects the arc of their musical journey.

Taken from their debut LP ‘Saints and Sebastian Stories” – out October 25th, 2019, Cascine Records