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Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough? is what Jennifer Clavin asked herself when she hit a turning point in her life. It’s also the title of the new record from Bleached, Jessie and Jennifer Clavin’s first LP written from a place of sobriety. That newfound perspective serves as the guiding force, yielding a courageous, honest, and sonically ambitious album. It’s a record about fighting both literally and figuratively for your life – and the clarity born from that struggle.

Writing began in early 2018, both in a Los Angeles practice space, and with friends and co-writers in Nashville. Producer Shane Stoneback (Vampire Weekend, Sleigh Bells) helped open every door to experimentation, wanting to be exploratory while keeping the sound singularly Bleached.

The resulting LP is explosive, grappling with the past; its twelve tracks mark some of the sisters’ most visceral, rawest songwriting to date – and some of their best. The work glimmers with inspiration found in touring with the likes of The Damned and Paramore. That arena-ready pop, incisively catchy, was a palpable influence helping to push Bleached’s sound in a new direction.

Following on from the release of “Kiss You Goodbye” last month, Los Angeles duo Bleached return this July with the romping “Rebound City.” The latest single to be unveiled from Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough? is described by Jennifer Clavin as “a brief history of the mistakes that I’ve made,” with the front woman’s post-breakup mea culpa coming supported by a combination of exuberant power chords and thunderous drums.

off ‘Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough?’ out July 12 on Dead Oceans Records.

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This week sister duo Bleached (Jessie and Jennifer Clavin) announced a new album, “Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough?”, and shared a video for a catchy new song from it, “Hard to Kill.” Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough?is due out July 12th via Dead Oceans.

The songs were written in Los Angeles and Nashville. Jessie did most of the instrumentation and Jennifer mainly did the lyrics and melodies. Shane Stoneback (Vampire Weekend, Sleigh Bells) produced the album. The album is the follow-up to 2016’s Welcome the Worms and 2017’s Can You Deal? EP. A press release says Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough?is the band’s “first LP written from a place of sobriety.”

Jennifer had this to say about the album in a press release: “Writing these songs while sober became somewhat of a spiritual experience. I had to let go, trust the process, and allow an energy beyond my control to be present.”

“Hard To Kill” by Bleached off ‘Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough?’ out July 12 on Dead Oceans Records

Los-Angeles based rockers Bleached are back with their stripped-down new single “Shitty Ballet.” This is the duo’s first new music since their rough-edged and rollicking 2017 EP Can You Deal?, which inspired a feminist zine of the same name featuring artists like Kate Nash, Julien Baker, Lizzo and numerous others.

“Shitty Ballet” represents a definite change in sound for sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin, as the track is mostly filled with acoustic guitar until their backing band joins in for a heavy ending. The song was written in mere hours “in a deluge of heartbreak,” according to a press release, which partially accounts for their more pared-back instrumentation.

Jennifer said of “Shitty Ballet” in a statement:

Bleached has always been a pretty loud rock band so we felt it was time to explore a more stripped-down style of playing. With the vulnerability of the lyrics we decided to carry that into the instruments as well for the first time recording with just an acoustic guitar and vocals. Sonic change is important to us right now. More of that coming soon.

The track is accompanied by a one-shot video of the sisters singing alongside ballerinas, The video’s soft, rosy lighting reflects the single’s gentler sound.

Bleached – “Shitty Ballet” single out now on Dead Oceans Records


Sometime toward the end of last year, Bleached’s singer-songwriter Jennifer Clavin and her friends wandered around Echo Park Lake in Los Angeles — after eating psychedelic mushrooms. It was around 9 a.m., and the park in northeast L.A. was already bustling with activity.

Their senses heightened from the psilocybin, Clavin and her friends wandered the one-mile perimeter of the man-made lake, fascinated by the commotion and bizarre cast of characters.

“It’s really insane being on mushrooms at that time of day at that location,” Clavin said in a drawling, extended vocal fry.

The morning peaked when they stumbled upon a couple handing out free zines with cut-and-paste text and imagery about Jesus. As Clavin flipped through one, she noticed a page emblazoned with the phrase “Welcome The Worms.” And she laughed. Through her magic mushroom–fogged brain, she knew she had just found the title for her band’s upcoming album.

“I was like, ‘Holy fuck. That totally explains this album to me,’ ” she says. “It was so ridiculous, but I knew I had to use it.”

Welcome The Worms, Bleached’s upbeat second album of pop-rock, was released on April 1st. Though it is sprinkled with hints of punk and heaps of guitar, its instrumentals — created by bassist Micayla Grace and guitarist Jessica Clavin, Jennifer’s younger sister — belie the album’s dark origins.

Throughout the entirety of the writing and recording process, the Clavin sisters struggled with their own personal dramas. Evicted from her Los Angeles apartment, Jessica started living in her windowless practice space. Meanwhile, Jennifer, who had been in a long-term, emotionally abusive relationship, was struggling with depression and a crippling addiction to drugs and alcohol. She would stay up all night partying and taking drugs and then roll into the studio the next day high and exhausted. Said Jennifer: “Life got real.”

By the time the album was finished in mid-2015, both sisters had miraculously sorted their lives out. Jessica was no longer homeless, and Jennifer, realizing how far she’d plummeted, got clean with help from her friends and family.

Welcome The Worms is a reflection of this tumultuous period and is self-described as the band’s most personal and introspective work to date.

“It’s about embracing the dark side of life and realizing that without the bad, we wouldn’t know when things were good,” Jennifer said. “It’s about accepting that people you love will pass away, your pet will die, you’ll get a parking ticket, and you’ll have a pimple on the day of your first date. That’s just part of life and it’s all beautiful.”

Jennifer and Jessica grew up in Northridge, an L.A. neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley about 20 miles north of downtown. The sisters started playing bass and guitar at a young age and credit living in the suburbs with their early dedication to music.

“I feel like the isolation made Jen and I play music all day because we didn’t have cars and we didn’t have anywhere to go,” Jessica said. “So we’d just sit in our garage and play.”

In 2003, when they were 13 and 15 years old, they started a garage-punk band called Mika Miko that became so successful — landing them copious mentions in music publications, a cameo in a documentary, and tours in Europe and Japan — that Jessica dropped out of high school. (Jennifer had already graduated.) For seven years Mika Miko operated as a quintet until the other members of the band decided they wanted to do other things with their lives, like attend college.

It was then that the sisters realized they wanted to dedicate their lives to music.

“When I was younger, I was never like, ‘One day, I’m going to be in a rock ‘n’ roll band,’ ” Jennifer said. “But after Mika Miko broke up, I was like, ‘Wait, this is what I want to do: play music.’ ”

Looking back on Mika Miko, the Clavins are grateful that they had the chance to figure out their sound and try new things before starting BleachedJennifer: “We always say, ‘Everyone needs their first band.’ ”

Jessica: “Yeah, if we never broke up, I would feel like I was still dating my first boyfriend.”

In addition to Welcome The Worms and the band’s upcoming tour (their first in two years), 2016 has marked another milestone for Bleached: