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As Dave Mason reflects in a statement, “I’ve played these songs for the better part of 50 years because I love them. I re-recorded the whole album because I still feel inspired by the music. This makes “Alone Together Again” a true labour of love. Some things I know for sure; music is relationship and love is best when shared. That is the whole conceptual play of Alone Together.” Here, he performs the album in its original sequence with members of his touring band and special guests such as Jonathan McEuen, Gretchen Rhodes, and Doobie Brothers multi-instrumentalist John McFee.
Now, unlike some re-recordings, the reimagined versions aren’t a ploy to land a sync deal or to bury the classics we’ve come to love. Rather, these talented artists are drawing on a fifty-year vantage point with new experiences and perspectives to inform their compelling interpretations. Both Yusuf (Cat Stevens) and Mason seek to build on their legacies with new performances that complement the original albums rather than replace them. Arriving as they do at a time when we’re truly alone together again, living in a wild world that’s tackling many of the same questions from 50 years ago, the words remain pertinent to our current times, while the performances remain spirited.

“Alone Together” was my first solo album. Like all firsts, they are special. The original tapes that burned in the 2008 Universal fires was heart-breaking. But it occurs to me, the Music never dies.

I’ve played these songs for the better part of 50 years because I love them.  I re-recorded the whole album because I still feel inspired by the music.

We allowed ourselves to have some fun with the presentation of this CD, which is marbled and multicoloured, just like the original vinyl. And true to the original album, it’s a three part fold out. We tried to find the exact spot in Joshua Tree to reshoot the photo, but, well, it has been over fifty years ago and we couldn’t be sure. But we think we recaptured the spirit, nonetheless.

I hope you’ll enjoy listening to Alone Together Again as much as I had in making it. And I hope you’ll feel the love when you have it in your hands, and when the music hits your heart.

Alone Together included a tri-fold die-cut design and what might be the first example of marbled colour vinyl on a mass scale. Thankfully, these visual elements remain in their reimagined versions. The tillerman in the new edition has returned from a space expedition while the children enjoy music through headphones and gaming on a cell phone. – Dave Mason

Wait! There’s More! You’ll hear great music, but you’ll also have something awesome to look at. Encased in a tri-fold jacket, complete with die cut image of Dave Mason in a top hat and collaged behind a rocky outcrop. The interior pocket holds your marbled CD, an homage to the legendary original record.  Alone Together Again will bring you joy both for the ears and the eyes.

Featured on this CD is the Dave Mason Band: Johnne Sambataro on guitar, Alvino Bennett on drums, Anthony Patler on bass & keyboards, and special musical guests John McFee, Jason Roller, Jonathan McEuen, Gretchen Rhodes, Bill Reynolds, Jesse Siebenberg, Teddy Jack Russell and Billy Mason.

“Alone Together Again” will ship out July 27th.

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