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Earlier this week, Montreal’s Elephant Stone released a new video for ‘Fox on the Run’, taken from their recent ‘Hollow’ LP, as well as a great remix of the band’s 2013 single ‘A Silent Moment’ by Tom Furse (The Horrors). Elephant Stone ‘Fox on the Run’ is from their sixth full-length, ‘Hollow’, which we put out earlier this year. The song is a sublime piece of ambient psychedelia that submerges you in waves of mesmerising synths, shimmering guitars and Rishi’s effects-heavy vocals –

Talking about ‘Fox on the Run’, bandleader Rishi Dhir explains: “During the writing of this track, I was listening to a lot of Yo La Tengo, specifically ‘And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out’, I loved the hypnotic element to their tunes. At the same time I kept hearing reports about ICE agents taking people away in the middle of the night—people who have been in America for years and worked hard…only to be now targeted by Trump and his cronies. The song was written from the perspective of someone who just wants to be somewhere safe and with their family.”

Vince Gauthier, the director of the video, describes it a “a visual companion to the song’s playful rhythms juxtaposed against a serene portrayal of the protagonist, untroubled by the chaos tearing at the fabric of his world.” Out today, the single also comes with a B-side remix of the 2013 track ‘A Silent Moment’ courtesy of Tom Furse of The Horrors and MIEN, another of Rishi’s project’s MIEN with Tom, Alex Maas of The Black Angels and John Mark Lapham of The Earlies. You can stream ‘Fox on the Run’ and the remix below, and buy ‘Hollow’ on vinyl now.

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On February 14th 2020 Montreal psych-pop group Elephant Stone will release their sixth full-length, ‘Hollow’, on Fuzz Club Records. It arrives following their 2016 LP, ‘Ship Of Fools’, and a number of recent side-projects and collaborations, such as the Acid House Ragas project and new band MIEN with members of The Horrors and The Black Angels.

The first Elephant Stone record made in frontman and sitarist Rishi Dhir’s own Sacred Sounds studio, ‘Hollow’ is an ambitious, dystopian sci-fi concept album which he says is inspired by The Who’s ‘Tommy’, Pretty Things’ ‘S.F, Sorrow’ and the second side of The Beatles’: “There are a lot of unhappy people out there who are trying to find a way out. They are looking for meaning and something to believe in… or nothing to believe in. We all want the same thing but are trying to achieve it in different ways. With this in mind, I set forth writing a song-suite telling of a world of unhappy souls who have lost connection with each other.

From Side A (‘The Beginning) though to Side B (‘The Ending’), the story told through Elephant Stone’s renowned garage-psych alchemy takes place immediately after mankind’s catastrophic destruction of the Earth and what happens when the same elite responsible for the first world-destroying climate disaster touch down on New Earth, a recently-discover planet sold with the same life of prosperity as the one they’d just destroyed. As soon as the chosen few step off the Harmonia ship built for the journey, it’s clear that all is not what it seems and humanity appears destined to make the same mistakes: “The storyline touches upon the plundering/poisoning of their home, the elite, demagogues, false idols, the truth as seen by children, and, ultimately, the fight for the survival of their species.”

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Specializing in the live dissemination and recording of sitarified and psychedelified musical compositions.
Debuting a decade ago, the psych-pop creation of Rishi Dhir along with long-time collaborators Miles Dupire (drums) and Robbie MacArthur (guitar), and touring member Jason Kent (keys/guitar), have released five critically-acclaimed albums, toured extensively throughout North America and Europe, been nominated for the prestigious Polaris Music Prize and picked up praise from the likes of NPR, Brooklyn Vegan, Consequence of Sound, Rolling Stone, Clash Magazine and more. As a highly-regarded sitar player, Dhir has also collaborated with indie-rock icons (Beck) and legendary cult bands (The Brian Jonestown Massacre).

Part 2: Darker Time, Darker Space We can’t believe what is happening. We don’t know what to do. Scientists reveal they have built a spaceship that can take the top candidates for continuing humanity to New Earth. We’ve never been there, but we have heard transmissions that suggest life exists like ours. Who are the lucky ones that get to board starship Harmonia for planet B?

Band Members
Rishi Dhir,
Miles Dupire,
Jason Kent,
Robbie MacArthur,

new album ‘Hollow’ (out 02/14/2020)