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Fairport Convention remain a footnote in the careers of Richard Thompson, who was already growing into one of the most remarkable guitarists in British folk and rock , The band also included Ian Matthews and Ric Grech among others.  Heralded as one of the truly great folk rock British bands of the late ’60s. Initially inspired by American rock and folk  ( the band started out as the U.K.’s response to Jefferson Airplane as you can certainly hear in this song ) , they were immersed in songs by such artists as Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, the Everly Brothers and Leonard Cohen. Though their take on “Suzanne” which failed to end up on their debut LP, a version was finally released on “Heyday”, a 1987 collection of BBC recordings. first released in 1987. As its title suggests, it consists of live versions of songs recorded for John Peels’s Top Gear radio programmes. They electrify the song and give it an edge only hinted at in the Leonard Cohen original with the gorgeous vocal of Sandy Denny’s. 


Heydays is the sophomore album from Ohio’s Total Babes, and their first record for Wichita Recordings. It will be released on the 18th May (19th in North America).

It has been nearly four years since we heard about Total Babes, who were formed in Medina, Ohio, by Jayson Gerycz of Cloud Nothings and his friend Christopher Brown as an outlet for pop songs that could not be played in their noise-rock band Swindlella.

Now their sophomore album, “Heydays”, is set for release on May 18th through Wichita Recordings worldwide.

Blurred Time is the most appetising first track from it.