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Haybaby - "Pig" (Stereogum Premiere)

Brooklyn band Haybaby are stretching their creative muscles with Blood Harvest, their new EP that comes out at the end of the month, and exploring where they could go next. Lead single “Joke/Rope” was a jagged, crackling escalation of the sound they laid out on last year’s debut Sleepy Kids, and now  “Pig” stretches that wiry tension out past the five-minute-mark, blending bubbling post-hardcore restraint with an extended stretch of post-rock catharsis. Leslie Hong’s raw screams stay planted in the background, seceding to the noise. In terms of directions the Brooklyn three-piece could go, this one could be the most exciting, and “Pig” demonstrates that these musicians are more than up to the task of transforming into something completely different from what was on their debut while staying undeniably great.



The Brooklyn-based three-piece Haybaby is a self-proclaimed “band of total babes that play honey-ass heartbreak, crooning sometimes screamy, sludgy pop & slop rock.” Also check out their song “Animosity” leans particularly into the honey-ass heartbreak and sludge factors.

Haybaby is a band of total babes that play honey-ass heartbreak crooning sometimes screamy sludgy pop & slop rock that willmake you have some feelings. They are “weird and magnetic” and “heavy as shit,” according to Time Out NY and some guy on the internet. These are well-executed, razor-sharp punk songs that are as itchy and nervy as they are a blast to listen to. These songs are built on a foundation of anxiety and disquiet, but they come across as self-assured and in control, at least as far as the music goes. 


“Animosity,” is a prickly song about that bitter feeling inside that just won’t seem to go away. Leslie Hong begins with a full-band address: “Haybaby, why can’t you keep it together for a minute?/ The whole world’s falling apart and you’re so caught up in it,” before sliding into a more personal reckoning. The new songs have grown a pricklier layer of skin as a result, Lead single “Total Bore” keeps the same twitching underbelly of their earlier stuff but expands into glittering heights a sense of tenderness towards themselves and the world is still in abundance.. The second single from the band’s sophomore effort is “Get Down,” a cathartic indie-rock ode to self-sufficiency.

“Joke/Rope” rocks above an abyss between laughter and total misery. There’s no surface level here; we’re deep in the depths of gripping anguish, and Haybaby rock hard enough to carry it. The DIY regulars play with suspense…through ever-foreboding melodies and fluctuating murmurs and howls.

Haybaby are everything you love about grunge, punk, art rock, indie rock and riot grrrl rolled into one adorable three piece band. Brooklyn sludge punk trio Haybaby pack a punch of bombastic, lively melodies that are sweet enough to rot out all of your teeth. Haybaby hold the knack for crafting distorted, fuzzy guitar riffs with heartfelt and sincere songwriting.

released June 7th, 2019


Leslie Hong has the ability to sound vulnerable and completely unfuckwithable simultaneously, an attitude that translates into an explosive and engaging live show. The Brooklyn trio has been voted one of the Hardest-Working Bands in New York, and it’s clear all of that work is paying off. 

Judging by the Brooklyn-based Haybaby’s forthcoming EP, Titled Blood Harvest, the trio might want to try their hand at psychological thrillers. The band play with suspense on the five-track release, came out back in April 29th via Tiny Engines, through ever-foreboding melodies and fluctuating murmurs and howls. Following their debut full-length, 2015’s Sleepy Kids, the EP takes the group’s melodic construction two steps further, harnessing their slop-rock stylings while amplifying intensity, drawling honestly and disinterestedly, “I’ll get over it when I feel like it.”

We’re premiering the track Blood Harvest now, but before you give it a spin, make sure you’re prepared for the continuous build-up that will leave you wondering when the squeals and heavy riffs will hit. 




Brooklyn band Haybaby released their debut full-length, Sleepy Kids, on Tiny Engines in 2015. The band returns in the Spring of 2016, wasting no time following up their acclaimed debut with a brand new EP. Blood Harvest starts where Sleepy Kids left off, showcasing a band sharpening the edges of their own unique sound.

Leslie Hong’s vocal delivery, be it a whisper or a scream, is as intoxicating as ever on Blood Harvest.

Hong cleverly spins her stories as her guitar weaves in and out while the grooving, wiry bass playing of Sam Yield and the propulsive drumming of Jeremy Duvall keep the songs magically churning. Every piece serves a deliberate purpose and gives new meaning to the term, power trio. Yet, Haybaby never overpower, they engage and engross the listener instead. Sure, the music can be uncompromising and harsh at times but it’s the subtleties of the band that captivate and pack the biggest emotional gut punches.

Blood Harvest sees the band exploring and pushing their sound to rawer, often noisier extremes while still maintaining their sly, melodic songwriting prowess. The five songs here perfectly encapsulate the captivating range and depth of the band. If Blood Harvest proves anything, it is that the beautiful mystery of Haybaby has yet to fully unravel.

Haybaby “Blood Harvest” EP out May 2016 on Tiny Engines

Rock Above The Abyss To Haybaby's Growling "Joke/Rope"