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Whatever your opinion on Radiohead’s 1995 album ‘The Bends’, it’s impossible to deny it’s cultural importance, responsible for inspiring a generation of musicians. Tackling classics of the genre is always fraught with challenges, and it’s a bold move for an artist who’s really only setting out on a new path of their own.

However, British singer Rosie Carney does exactly that, just a year after releasing her debut album ‘Bare’. Initially, it’s as if you’re hearing a ghostly impression of the original – recognisable and familiar, but still somewhat impalpable – akin to retrieving an old memory buried deep inside your hippocampus. With repeated listens, however, the full memory is easier to grasp, sharper and brighter each time.

Carney somehow manages to capture the raw anguish that pulses throughout much of The Bends but avoids falling into the trap of sounding unnecessarily tragic. Her version of “High and Dry” remains as stripped back as the original, but her lilting folk and subtle harmonies add a warmth that’s difficult to characterise.

For an album that has been charged with feeling a little bit heavy in places, Carney does a striking job of making the whole record surprisingly easy to listen to. “Fake Plastic Trees” gives way to “Bones” which cedes to “(Nice Dream)” as smoothly as the streams that course down the hills around the County Donegal coastline that Carney calls home flow into the sea.

There are a couple of reinventions, such as the vocoder driven “Sulk” and the softer, more dreamlike ‘Black Star’ but really the whole album is a testament to both Radiohead and Carney together. It’s proof of the old adage that a good song is only really a good song if it still sounds that way when everything is stripped back and just an acoustic guitar and vocals remain. Sure, there might be some keys and strings added here too, but they’re subtle and do nothing to detract from the main focus on each track.

As bolds move go, this is one that pays off. By treading where others might not dare Carney has pulled off a stunning coup that not only confirms her as a talented musician in her own right, but one that’s capable of holding a light to giants of the game.

Born in Hampshire, Rosie Carney moved to Donegal at the age of 10. She writes hauntingly beautiful tunes that have earned her millions of streams, and recently covered Radiohead’s classic album The Bends to gorgeous effect. She’s about to feature alongside Julian Stone and Lucy Rose on the new LP from Australian folk-rockers The Paper Kites, who recently hit their billionth stream.

Rosie Carney ‘The Bends’ out now on @Color Study, Release date: 11th December 2020.

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Hampshire indie-rock trio Blaenavon had a big hit album 2017. They released their critically acclaimed debut album, That’s Your Lot, via Transgressive and Canvasback; they supported Alt-J in the UK; Then they supported Circa Waves and White Reaper in the U.S.; and they scored slots at last year’s Glastonbury, Lollapalooza and Osheaga festivals

That’s Your Lot is a triumphant mix of delicate ballads (“Swans”), indie-pop bangers (“Orthodox Man”), upbeat, funky guitar tracks (“Lonely Side”) and earth-shattering, climactic rock (“I Will Be the World”).


BLAENAVON – ” Orthodox Man “

Posted: January 14, 2017 in MUSIC
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Though ‘Orthodox Man’ might come packaged with a title that nods to tradition, convention, and keeping things ordinary, the latest from Blaenavon sees the increasingly versatile band exploring yet more new territory. Sharpened no end, with angular, cutting lines, and diamond-saw melodies (not to mention a few woo-ee-woo chants, for good measure) this might just be the Hampshire lads’ most immediate moment to date.

It’s ripe foundations for Blaenavon’s impending debut – a first effort set to pack bite, evolution, and bold statements into the mix. Orthodox, man? This is anything but.

Blaenavon: huge Marseille fans

The best and biggest highlights of SXSW is seeing one of your own young artists smash their debut US gigs for the first time, converting an audience and a curious industry in the process. Blaenavon are a band that are signed to Transgressive Records officially last year, three whole years after meeting them (when they were still in school). Their blend of anthemic yet sensitive guitar-driven frenzies have never sounded more compelling than in recent live shows, and their soon-to-be-completed debut album with producer Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Adele et al) is sounding like it could be one of the biggest records of the year.

With team Transgressive providing the industry oomph, and the guiding arm around the shoulder, there’s no reason Blaenavon can’t do whatever they desire. After Thursday’s display of growth, intelligent writing and emphatic performance, the only safe bet would be on their success.


Official music video for Blaenavon ‘Hell Is My Head’ from their EP ‘Miss World’ out October 30th on Transgressive Records

Young Hampshire band BLAENAVON have had two excellent sell out EP’s “Into the LIght” and “Denim Patches” released and with a new EP “Koso” out late last year they are steadily building a following for their soaring vocals and powerful guitar sound.

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