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St. Paul & The Broken Bones nearly blew the roof off Boston’s legendary Paradise Rock Club — and on a Tuesday night, no less. The soulful Birmingham Alabama rock band left the sold-out crowd in a state of delirium that lasted long after the unforgettable 90 min set. This is the full set from Boston (minus covers) — see link below to watch their cover of David Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream”.

Set list:
Don’t’ Mean a Thing
3:33 Paul Janeway talks about his journey from accounting school to professional musician
4:42 Sugar Dyed
7:37 Paul talks about how he got into soul music
8:45 Dixie Rothko
13:53 I’m Torn Up
19:01 Half the City
23:08 Broken Bones & Pocket Change
29:23 Paul talks about applying what he learned from the Church to his music
30:19 It’s Midnight
34:44 Like a Mighty River
39:34 Paul talks about his Mom throwing away his Nirvana CD
39:58 Grass is Greener
46:00 Paul talks about the origin of the band name
46:56 That Glow
Moonage Daydream:
51:15 Call Me
Try A Little Tenderness:

Lead Vocalist, Paul Janeway, sat down with Front Row Boston before the show to talk about everything from almost becoming an accounting to his Mom throwing away his Nirvana CD.

St. Paul & The Broken Bones debut album, Half The City, was released in 2014.

From their debut album, “Half the City,” Birmingham, Alabama’s St. Paul and the Broken Bones performs  “call Me” and  “Grass Is Greener.” on the Letterman Show last monday evening, These guys played at the End Of the Road Festival and Dot To Dot last year and were just amazing, this past year the best performance of the whole weekend… Their whole show is through the roof with electricity, I am excited to see them get the on air play they deserve and David Letterman loved them… Congrats to the whole band!

St Paul and the Broken Bones from the State of Alabama,

St. Paul & The Broken Bones is not a band that’s easily ignored. The Birmingham-based sextet gets in your face—literally—during shows, and manages to transfer that that intensity to each of the 12 songs on their debut LP Half The City”. With strong roots in the Pentecostal church, frontman Paul Janeway seems to deliver entire sermons in three-and-a-half-minute opuses throughout record. He narrates entire parables like “Grass is Greener” and “Like A Mighty River” in his emotive tenor that evokes both preacher and crooner. And the built-in, two-man brass band arrangements add depth, rhythm and soul to “Half The City”, especially on tracks like “Broken Bones & Pocket Change” and “Sugar Dyed.”

Inspired by funk and R&B acts like Prince, Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, St. Paul & The Broken Bones understands the power music has to make you weep, dance and rejoice, sometimes all at the same time; each track on “Half The City” serves one or more of those roles. So while the band released its first EP, “Greetings from St. Paul & The Broken Bones”, in 2013, it’s this full-length debut that serves as the ultimate conversion for believers and heretics, alike.