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Gems covered John Lennon’s album Imagine in its entirety.  The full album is available to order now from Turntable Kitchen. It is only available on vinyl but the vinyl comes with a digital download

When we envisioned our SOUNDS DELICIOUS series we had high hopes. We wanted to hear our favorite bands lovingly reinterpreting art that meant something to them. We wanted music that would be fun, inventive, and exciting. We wanted covers that respect the album format as an art form instead of just focusing on a few hit singles. Yet, while we had high expectations, we couldn’t imagine just how great the results would be.

We never imagined Yumi Zouma’s dreamy reinterpretation of Oasis. We never imagined Jonthan Rado of Foxygen’s loose and free-wheeling take on Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run. And yet, time and time again, each and every one of the artists we’ve worked with have completely blown us out of the water with their contributions.

For our latest release in the series, GEMS keep the streak alive in a big way as the duo treat us to their track-by-track reinvention of John Lennon’s solo masterwork Imagine. From an epic, rumbling makeover of the bigger-than-life title track to their evocative and shimmering interpretation of album closer “Oh Yoko!” – they approach each track with reverence and respect even as they nail their flag to the mast.


Here is what Lindsay from GEMS had to say about their version of the album:

“’All I want is the truth! Just give me some truth!’”

I listened to John Lennon’s album Imagine all the way through for the first time last year and that line just hit something deep within me. The inescapable sadness of life.The despair of feeling totally alone and calling out into the void, just searching for some kind of solid ground to stand on. It feels like the whole world is calling out right now from this place of hurt, calling out for truth. But we’re so divided and continue putting up false walls between us.


I feel honored that we had the chance to record our own interpretations of these courageous, albeit conflicted songs. In some ways Lennon’s vision seems impossibly naive today. But don’t we need something to strive for? We need connection, we need communication, forgiveness and healing. I know I need the type of enchanted dream where we try to lift up humanity together. Even if it’s just in our own small, personal way.

I’m restless. I’m yearning for something real. I have to believe that we can still use our short time here on earth to put some kind of goodness into the world. And maybe while we’re at it, we can share the same dream.”

We’re also excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Seattle-based illustrator Teresa Grasseschi for the next several releases in the series! That’s her work that we’re featuring on the album art for this release.

GEMS’ version of Imagine is only available by subscribing to SOUNDS DELICIOUS. In addition to a deluxe edition for our Kickstarter supporters, it’s available on amber colored vinyl for recurring subscribers and gift orders of 6-months or more (while supplies last) and on black vinyl for all other orders. As always, each copies comes packaged with a digital download of the album. Only 1000 copies were pressed in total! These are expected to begin shipping next week!

Band Members
Lindsay Pitts, Clifford John Usher

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Get all the Marc Almond you could ever wish for amassed in one mammoth, career-spanning, ten-CD collection, set for release by Universal Music this October…

Trials Of Eyeliner is touted as the definitive overview of Marc Almond’s career, and the fact that Almond himself has personally curated the collection, allied to the 189-strong track listing, suggests that this is no exaggeration. Neal X, Almond’s longstanding writing partner/musical director (and former Sigue Sigue Sputnik guitarist), supervised mastering of the tracks recorded over five decades between 1979 and 2016.

This anthology is divided into three themed sections. ‘History’ fills the first four discs with 72 of Almond’s favourite album tracks and B-sides, from Soft Cell’s Youth to the song that gave this super deluxe set its name: Trials of Eyeliner.

The three-CD ‘Singles’ section lines up all of his official Soft Cell, Marc And The Mambas and solo singles in pretty-much-chronological order, delivering assorted delights such as Soft Cell’s UK number one smash hit Tainted Love, duets with Gene Pitney (Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart) and Sarah Cracknell (I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten) and much more.

The last three CDs consists of ‘Gems’ – fan-only releases, one-off collaborations, soundtrack contributions etc. – and includes 18 tracks previously unreleased from Marc’s own collection (see those marked with an asterisk in the track listing below) plus many more hard-to-find rarities and songs making their debut in the CD/digital format.

The ten CDs are housed in two six-page gatefold disc holders within a 240mm-square slipcase, and the music is complemented by a 64-page hardcover book featuring loads of photos and imagery from Almond’s own archive and an ‘interview/essay’ by Alexis Petridis. Artwork for the cover and elsewhere within the package is by renowned graphic artist Stefan Fähler.

The final song on the tenth CD in this set is entitled I Created Me, a highly appropriate choice for such a distinctive artist who’s enjoyed such a varied career.

“I can’t think of many artists who’ve been able to straddle the underground and the mainstream, to work in the underground and the commercial world, to do out-and-out pop and work with Coil or Throbbing Gristle,” says Almond. “There’s a whole big swathe of the British public that only know me for part of my music, and don’t know me for another part. And that’s absolutely fine. I always thought that music was a ride. You go on it, and sometimes it’s successful and sometimes it’s disastrous, sometimes it gets acclaim and sometimes it gets absolutely knocked down. You pick up different people for different parts of the journey. It just happens. But you’ve just got to go on that ride.”

Marc Almond Trials Of Eyeliner Exploded Box Set - 530

Trials Of Eyeliner is released on 28th October 2016.


“Living as a Ghost” is the first single from GEMS’ forthcoming debut album “Kill the One You Love” out October 30th. The D.C. electro pop duo GEMS are official players on the Car Park Records roster for their sophomore full-length, and they’ve polished off the excess dust and grime and honed a razor-sharp crystalline resonance. The last 3-4 years have witnessed a significant increase in interest towards clean, electronic hip hop fronted by strong female vocalists.  Purity Ring, CHVRCHES, Metric, Chairlift and many more successful acts heave heavy reverb and capacious ambient textures into the soundboard, creating an immense emotional connection to their audiences.  GEMS is confidently striding right along with the pack, throwing their own unique pop cherry on top.

GEMS – ” Medusa ” EP

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It’s one of the most romantic pop songs of the year. It’s all foggy atmosphere, lovely melodies, and a vocal performance by Pitts that effortlessly hits some beautiful soaring high notes. Their song “Sinking Stone” is another jaw-dropper, and will be instantly appealing if you’re a big fan of Massive Attack’s Mezzanine or Goldfrapp in their ultra-glamorous “Black Cherry and Supernature period.In this day and age it’s impossible to separate visuals from the music. Music has always been the most important thing to me, but I recognize that most people are probably going to come across GEMS first on the Internet. I want them to experience it in a particular way. Black and white adds glamour.

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Gems and a cover of the Seal song “Don’t Cry” GEMS is a Washington, D.C.-based Synth dream-pop duo comprised of Clifford John Usher and Lindsay Pitts, formally formed in August of 2012. Previously the duo went by the name Birdlips, and had a more acoustic sound.

GEMS – ” Sinking Stone “

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GEMS’ sparkling and finely-tuned debut EP, ” Medusa” was one of the most promising releases of last year, so it’s nice to see that they’re still getting some push with a new video for “Sinking Stone,” which is probably the heaviest track on that release. The video, which is directed by BRTHR, captures the hazy desperation of the song well — slowed-down visuals depict two off-the-rails lovers as they joyride cop cars, do drugs, and play with guns. It all ends with a gruesome Bonnie & Clyde-esque standoff in the desert. It’s a haunting and atmospheric video, appropriate for this young and talented pairing.