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The Pharmacy is a music / talk show playing – Heavy Soul . Raw Funk . 60′s psych . Girl Groups . Krautrock . French ye ye . Hammond organ rituals . Post Punk transmissions and Ghost on the highway testimonials and features interviews with the music makers of our times …

This Episode ;

Conversations with ;

Jerry Roslie of The Sonics is here !
– Lee & Sean of Burger Records are here !
– DJ Jonathan Toubin is here !

With Sound Selections by some of the finest out there ;
– Bobby “Pantichrist” Butler (The Voodoo Rhythm and Pantichrist Hardware Store / Bern Switzerland)
– Mr.Pharmacist (The Pharmacy / Cat Power / Delta 72 etc) Y’all already know me
– Victoria Rawlins (All Girls , All Vinyl / Los Angeles, Ca)
– Rick Barzell (Green Slime / Los Angeles, Ca)
Last , but not least ;
– Jonathan Toubin (NYNT + Soul Clap / NYC)

Lastly a tribute to The Fantastic Sonny Hopson (the Mighty Burner) From WHAT Philadelphia from a 1969 radio Broadcast !!!


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The psych rock mystery of Kelvin Hurts is odd, but one that plays second fiddle to the quality of their music; a killer combo of lo-fi, garage and psych.

As far as I know the person Kelvin may not even exist. Is it a solo act? A group? Who even knows? The only thing I think I can say he is from Christchurch in New Zealand at least thats what it says that on their bandcamp page, Nevertheless whoever Kelvin Hurts is, his work is simply a great sound. The mystery man/group has already dropped two EP’s plus a single of weird psychedelic lo-fi garage rock jams via his bandcamp page.

So with fair few releases under his belt, all of which have seen little to no push for exposure, which is honestly a shame considering how many people I believe will absolutely enjoy these songs. Kelvin Hurts released  the most recent EP Dry Lips in late November 2014,  featuring five tracks of awesome psych,  which have been menacingly slaughtered by what distinctly sounds like a Roland Space Echo. The majority of Dry Lips is crammed with epic instrumental jams, which makes the overall experience feel vast and expansive even though these tracks are relatively short.


Furthermore Kelvin Hurts recently released his latest single Females, an oddly tripped out garage rock concoction. Reminiscent of Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees, Kelvin Hurts still manage to stand on their own on this one. What can I say; I find it very refreshing, if you are a fan of any 60’s psych rock revivalism Kelvin Hurts certainly succeeds.

Kelvin Hurts may be a  mystery , however the sounds are a joy to listen to the myth Kelvin Hurts.



Another awesome sampler from the Active Listener, To hear more from these artists please visit the following links:

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Les Big Bird - Photo by Dennis Wernersson

While they may look like aging mods who are letting their coifs go a bit, Les Big Byrd are Swedish garage and dance rock vets (Teddybears, Fireside, Caesars) who’ve come together to conjure up some sly, Kraut-y psych-rock. They’ve just released an EP, Stockholm Death Star, on Anton Newcombe’s A Recordings Ltd imprint.

And today we’re premiering this title track from their next EP, which came out May 13th on Hoga Nord. It’s a cool, grimy, ’60s spy flick instrumental that gets dragged up into the sky to go flying around with a stray analog synth.


In 2014, a little band called The Thons released their second full-length album, “Thirty Foot Snake”. It was a raw slab of rock and roll that simultaneously recalled both the punk rock coming out of New York in the late 1970s, and also the early 80s response from UK bands such as The Fall and Gang of Four. It was ferocious and intimate at the same time, decidedly punk rock—but the playing indicated that there was something more going on, too.

On “Hot Fun”, the Chicago trio is digging a little deeper and showing the world what was bubbling underneath the surface. And it’s a little bit psychedelic.

The album opens with “Wooo,” a track so soaked in reverb that you can practically hear the springs bouncing. A surf/Dick Dale influence that there was no trace of on the band’s previous records takes front and center. It’s an opener that makes a very clear, very loud statement: the band’s sonic palate has been expanded.

“Lose Control” follows with an arrangement that frames Graham Onak’s half-spoken Mark E. Smith-like vocalizing with some great, angular guitar parts. Onak, a lefty, is an outstanding player with a southpaw’s skewed sensibilities. Here his instrument punctuates his vocal ejaculations with squeals of pain. Or is it pleasure? Maybe both. The surf sound of the first song has been twisted around on itself to resemble something like Television playing with Sonic Youth, under the spell of Syd Barrett.

“Being Me” introduces the record’s first real vocal melody, and it’s a good one. Here Onak belts out (ironically?) that “It still feels good to be me” with a ton of attitude. But, despite the apparent irony, it actually sounds like it does feel good to be him. It’s pure rock n’ roll joy that comes and goes in less than 2:00 as drummer Greg Bry channels Tommy Ramone, pounding out the beat with blistering speed while still somehow managing to groove.

And from there, the album keeps whizzing by: “Looking Out, Looking In” straddles the line between psych and punk more than any other song on the record, with Bry doing his best Keith Moon. “Feeling Alive” finds bass player Frank Thom’s fingers crawling all over the neck of his instrument, pumping out eighth notes and slipping them in to the spaces between the guitar and drums. Off-kilter and grooving all at once.

Comes the time to wrap the whole thing up, The Thons give us their most intimate offering. “He Lives” is reminiscent of Sonic Youth’s more-tender moments on Daydream Nation. It’s a lovely way to end the album, as gentle guitar figures, McCartney-esque bass playing, and a surprisingly touching lyric pull the listener in close to say goodnight.

The entire album flies by in less than 23 minutes: all punk rock energy, colored with a psychedelic flair. And while there are some excellent guitar solos, there is no hint of the blues in them; these songs leave no room for extended psychedelic jams. This record is lean and mean, with incredible playing turned in by all parties. And it’s all crisply recorded, with a haze of reverb blanketing the songs.

Or, to use a different analogy: on their previous albums, the band served up a plate of meat-and-potatoes punk rock. This time, it’s meat and potatoes with gravy—mushroom gravy. “Hot Fun” strays from The Thons previous work in its more polished, longer recording process. “Hot Fun” blends garage, surf and post-punk into a washy, emotionally raw journey inter-cut with spacey feedback that is best listened to seamlessly all the way through.

released 31st January 2015


Blast Magic Jake & The Power Crystals  An all star DETROIT Garage Punk Rock Band featuring members of King Tuff, The GO, John Krautner,Conspiracy Of Owls . The Power Crystals charge forth, freshly lightning-struck into a new, gangly life, slid off from the slab in the garage, now, a strangely enchanting lo-fi-grooving, shredded-to-hell bubblegum pop Frankenstein.

Its bloodstream equally addled by caffeine and nicotine and coursing with a fuzzed and fibrous rock n roll flush, its gaunt, metallic body scrapes its way exuberantly through a skateboarding album of 2-minute ravenous pounders.
Roaring, squalling solos, steady trucking bass ripples and distortion-blustered vocals that balance a keyed-up cadence with a melodious belt; there’s light flares of strutting glam-rock, blues wringing, cathartic punk huffing tromps and relentless…relentlessly shakeable rhythms.
There are no slow songs.

–This project brings together members of The Go, the Detroit Cobras, Magic Shop, the Readies, Electric Fire Babies, Isles of ESP, Conspiracy of Owls and Hi-Speed Dubbing. They’ve got an album out on California-based cassette mavens Burger Records.

Our full line-up for this year’s festival is here – feast your eyes on all that #PZYK.
Factory Floor + The Heads + Hookworms + Blanck Mass + The Holydrug Couple + Jacco Gardner + DESTRUCTION UNIT + Jane Weaver + Dengue Fever + Karen Gwyer + Carlton Melton (band page) + Lumerians + Black Devil Disco Club + Indian Jewelry join +++ Spiritualized +++ on the bill, along with over 60 more mind-melting artists.
Head to for more news, ticket details and PZYKiness.
+ — with Fumaça Preta, K-X-P, THE CULT OF DOM KELLER, Pinkshinyultrablast, The Feeling Of Love, Hey Colossus, Etienne Jaumet, Forever Pavot, Death And Vanilla and MENACE BEACH.



Speedboat is the second single off Los Tones debut album “Psychotropic” released last October 2014 though

Psychotropic  Los Tones debut album, released on Vinyl through Portuguese garage label Groovie Records & CD through Off The Hip Records, Melbourne. Mixed and produced by Owen Penglis of Straight Arrows in only a few days out of Owen’s Kings Cross studio & mastered by Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring. The record sees the boys continue their garage rock calamity with some subtle hints of early psychedelia & surf rock. Psychotropic features Los Tones debut single “Buchanan Hammer” and also its follow up “Ordinary Man”. We are now psyched to release the title track off the record “Psychotropic”.

Los Tones formed in early 2013 from the ashes of Sydney bands, Mother & Son, La Mancha Negra & Glitter Canyon. All 4 members have similar influences spanning from early 50’s RNB, 60’s guitar rock, to modern outfits such as The Black Lips & Night Beats.


Psychotropic takes the listener on a short flashback in time, a fast-paced slathering of guitar driven garage gems. Their previous song releases have had plenty of air play in Australia on Triple J & Fbi Radio, as well as overseas, which has resulted in the band opening for acts such as Guitar Wolf (Japan), Los Coronas (Spain), Night Beats (USA), Mark BBQ Sultan(CAN). They will be launching the record with a month-long European tour throughout October, ending with a hometown Sydney Launch on Halloween Eve.


~Psych Stage~
The Watchmakers
The Black Delta Movement
The Mushroom Club
The Blackrays
Wild Birds of Britain
ALT stage
Fawn Spots


Ola’s Kool Kitchen podcast episode 263 has sprung into being! Featuring White Noise Sound, The Yours, and Charles Howl. If you dig it please share it and help spread the word it’s out there!

Tracklist 263
1. J Church-I Can’t Be Nice To You-Prophylaxis-Damaged Goods
2. Chocolate USA-All Jets Are Gonna Fall Today- All Jets Gonna Fall Today-Bar/None

3. White Noise-Heavy Echo-single-Rocket Girl
4. The Yours-Honey Treats-REVOLUTION – The Shoegaze Revival-Ear To Ear Records
5. Charles Howl-Going Down With a Hi-single-Ample Play Records
6. Poison Girls-Persons Unknown-Total Exposure-Xntrix
7. Doll-Don’t Tango On My Heart-Single-Beggars Banquet
8. Ibeyi-River-single-XL
9. Bjork-Come To Me-Debut-One Little Indian
10. Los Dug Dug’s-No Te Astutes-single-RCA
11. Clarence Frogman Henry-Ain’t Got No Home- Ain’t Got No Home: All Time Greatest Hits-Goldenlane Records
12. The Liverbirds-For Your Love-The Liverbirds: From Merseyside to Hamburg-Beat Records
13. Songs Ohia-Farewell Transmission-The Magnolia Electric Company-Secretly Canadian