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Recorded at the WXPN Performance Studio on February 25th, 2017 by James Clark Conner. Mixed in Pennsylvania.

Julie Byrne’s flawless new album “Not Even Happiness” is about travel, transition, journeys, and discovery. On the first track “Follow My Voice,” she leaves behind the city for the light, the sky, and the green and on “Sleepwalker,” which you can hear as part of our in-studio session, she “crossed the country and…carried no key.” Byrne is nomadic, but she treats it like destiny, as on “I Live Now As a Singer,” where she describes how she has “dragged my life across the country and wondered if travel led me anywhere.” She sings with an inherent bravery, a deep humanity, and an admirable self-knowledge of herself, but there is always more to learn and to seek out, within and without. Not Even Happiness from its message to its music may seem simple and overly subtle, but the depth of its beauty and power are truly remarkable.

While she was in Philadelphia, Julie Byrne stopped by the WXPN Studio to perform tracks from Not Even Happiness. Even removed from a studio environment and flreshed out instrumentation, Byrne’s words and music resound with a reverberate with a magnificent grace.


Julie Byrne – vocals, guitar
Eric Littman – keys, guitar

MP3 Sean Hansen

Back in 2005, I started to hear a lot about this guy Matt Pond and PA, which I guessed was the state he was living in. Ever the curious listener, I decided to find out what kind of music he was making, what the talk was all about, so I picked up the new album, Matt Pond PA‘s . For me and many others, this album became the gateway into the rich and textured imagination of Pond. Perfectly crafted melodies, a glimmering sheen around the instruments, and an undeniable energy that keeps you listening (and often dancing) from track to track. It also feels seasonal – we start in the autumn with “Halloween” and end up with the hope of promise of warmer weather in “Spring Provides.” There’s no doubt that throughout the years this album has helped me to inject a modicum of brightness and color into the eternal grey of mid-winter. Thank Pond.

Since, Matt Pond has put out tons of excellent LPs and EPs, the latest of which is last year’s The State of Gold. What remains constant throughout Pond’s catalog is that deep, distinguished imagination, speckled with diverse hues, composition, and makeup. Plus the guy really knows how to write a melody. The State of Gold is just the latest release in a rich catalog that shines and shimmers so brightly that you soon yourself hooked.


It was around the release of The State of Gold and the tenth anniversary of Several Arrows Later that we at Folkadelphia were privileged to record this live session with Matt Pond PA. The band had recently been robbed of precious musical equipment while on tour, but still came out to hang with us for a while. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for doing that.

Special thanks and acknowledgment is due to Drexel University’s Music Industry Program for graciously letting us use their recording studio and gear, as well as helping wrangle interested, enthusiastic, and capable students to assist. I’d like to single out Brian Goehrig and James Clark Conner, Folkadelphia’s regular audio engineers for their leadership and hard work throughout our stint at the university.

Matt Pond – vocals, guitar
Shawn Alpay – cello, vocals
Chris Hansen – guitar, vocals
Kyle Kelly-Yahner – drums
Tierney Tough – bass