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Liza Anne is a singer-songwriter from Georgia now operating out of Nashville. Her melodies are obscenely catchy and her lyrics bite with honesty, yet her music brims with finesse even when it rocks out, as on the song “Paranoia,” which was the lead single from her upcoming Arts & Crafts debut Fine But Dying. Today she follows that up with the closing song on the debut “I’m Tired, You’re Lonely.”
Specifically, look out for Fine But Dying, the Nashville singer-songwriter’s forthcoming debut album. She’s showed off her range with three advance singles: the sneakily explosive pop-rocker “Paranoia“; the tearful, country-tinged lament “Closest To Me“; and the hard-charging “Small Talks,” and now we get a fourth flavor via sparse, emotionally charged album closer “I’m Tired, You’re Lonely.” She tweeted that it’s her favorite song on the album:
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Nashville-based singer-songwriter Liza Anne Odachowski, who goes by Liza Anne, has never shied away from exposing her deepest, darkest emotions and even as she treads onto an exploration of a more pop-focused sound, she continues to tackle that melancholy. For “Paranoia”, Odachowski explores the role of her anxiety in her relationship, as it festers her thoughts and insecurities.

The song itself presents the duality of her new pop sound and distorted guitars, illustrating the contrast between how she presents herself and the reality of the obsessive, anxious thoughts that overwhelm her.

In this video, directed by Josh Gilligan and art directed by Brett Warren, they perfectly capture this by the use of two bedroom sets: one features Odachowski in natural lighting wearing a white-colored blouse, while the juxtaposing room features her in ultraviolet lighting wearing opaque makeup and a black outfit. As she dreamily coos in the first room, her dark self plays distorted guitar chords matching the intensity of her emotions, with both sides colliding.

“We wanted to express how the state of our rooms and how we aesthetically present ourselves mirrors, even elaborates on, our internal experience with emotions,” says Odachowski . “It was wild and healing to see so much of my internal world being externally experienced — it gave me a door into myself I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I’m not sure anything but art lets us look into ourselves in that sort of realized way.”

“Paranoia” is one of the singles off the singer-songwriter’s upcoming album Fine, But Dying, her first release for Arts & Crafts Records, out on March 9th.