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“In Search of the Miraculous” is the third album from much-loved indie goth dreamboats Desperate Journalist and follows the bands critically acclaimed album Grow Up. If the title conveys a sense of wide- eyed ambition then the music on In Search Of The Miraculous fits the plot perfectly, featuring ten tracks fizzing with creative passion, giant choruses, heroic solos and poetic intensity.

Warning: this album contains love songs, anti-love songs and other songs wandering about, lost in an in-between-daze. It’s a bit complicated. Boasting one of the most inspired band names of recent times, the quartet take their moniker from a 1979 John Peel Session track by The Cure. If you ever wondered what Harriet Wheeler from the Sundays would sound like fronting a rawer version of the Smiths or the Cocteau Twins with energy and a shimmering indie edge, then Desperate Journalist is a must hear.

‘Satellite’ is the second single taken from the LP ‘In Search of the Miraculous’, out on 22nd February 2019 on Fierce Panda Records

Band Members
Jo Bevan – Vocals,
Simon Drowner – Bass,
Rob Hardy – Guitar,
Caz Hellbent – Drums

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Once again the New Year promises great things from listings of new albums to be released, already announced in late 2018, and top of that tree is the third album from Desperate Journalist, In Search of the Miraculous. Arguably, they already found it on 2017’s Grow Up but on the other hand, if that was near perfection then maybe they needed to find the “miraculous” to improve on it. The first single ‘Cedars’ showcases Rob Hardy and Jo Bevan’s ability to create a pop song that improves with every listen, slowly creeping under the skin, new elements appear and surprise until it’s so deep in your soul that you can never escape and you become a full blown evangelist.

‘Cedars’ is taken from the LP ‘In Search of the Miraculous’, out on 22nd February 2019 on Fierce Panda Records

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Swathed in fuzz and fury,  Desperate Journalist’s ‘Good Luck’ EP is a gripping, acid-burnt cut of their harsh post-punk. Latest single ‘Leave Home’ is no different – a guttural, gothic exorcism, the track’s new accompanying video, mirrors that belief in the bleak.

Stripped back, blown-out monochrome takes centre stage as washy images of the band’s furious performance overlap and swirl to disorientating effect.


Good Luck, Leave Home, A Phase, Paint Something, Perfect Health,

Leave Home is taken from the ‘Good Luck’ EP, released 2nd October 2015 on Fierce Panda Records.

Video for ‘Perfect Health’ by Desperate Journalist, directed by Jason Weidner. Taken from the ‘Good Luck’ EP released 2nd October 2015 on Fierce Panda Records, Besides having a really great band name these guys from London delivered one of the most fascinating debut albums of the year. Somewhere between Siouxsie and the Banshees and the early Cranberries DESPERATE JOURNALIST found their own version of heart-wrenching and urgent new wave rock that captivates the listener. Singer Jo Bevan is just the right sort of leading lady a band like this needs. If you happen to love the sound of the already mentioned references and are tired of waiting for a new Cure record we highly advice you to take a closer look to the DESPERATE JOURNALIST debut.


Surfer Blood have circulated a new song “The Grand Inquisitor,” alongside news that they’ll release their third album, “1000 Palms”, on  Fierce Panda Records on 11th May in UK/Europe. Well it seems they’re feeling rather generous post-V Day because below is the premiere of their second cut from the record. Below is “Dorian,” a song singer John Paul Pitts says “embraces the anything goes spirit this record represents.”


It’s classic why-we-liked-them-in-the-first-place Surfer Blood all swoony, plush harmonies, rudimentary drums, and skippy sounding guitars. But there’s a newly felt sophistication in its simplicity too. No standing behind fuzzy effects here; this is clean and deftly delivered.
“This song has everything from classic 80s synth patches to fucked-up vocoder sound collages, embracing a series of left-turns that make it one of the most unique songs in our catalogue,” Pitts continues. “It makes use of almost every sonic element we had available.”
For “1000 Palms” the guys did the back to basics, we were burned by the major label experience thing: they returned to Florida to self-record and produce the entirety of the album. It seems the change of pace (and space) suits them.

“The Grand Inquisitor” was quietly released to Joyful Noise VIP Members on 541 “Lathe-Cut CDs”, which double as 5” records that will play both on a turntable and a computer.

Desperate Journalist exude cool.  powerful, urgent female vocals, and sophisticated, layered guitar work, in the image of Savages,  the new single “Control” previewed yesterday the new single from Londoners Desperate Journalist, whom are fast rising to become one of our favourite bands of the moment. Swooping in on a tangle of Rob Hardy’s 12 string arpeggio assault, cavernous drums and dexterous baselines, Detailing a relationship that’s seemingly turned into a literal battle of wills, Jo Bevan’s knowing vocal tone entrances and then pierces: she possesses that rare ability to play with you, to ironically dismiss(“What a fantastic growth rate/Darling, go fill up your plate”) artfully reworking phrases that in the hands of some could sound clumsy but in hers sound positively weighty, powerfully affecting and ultimately self affirming(“It’s like a hole in your head/I’m a thoroughbred”).

While the backing is sinuous and widescreen, atmospheric yet pulsing, faintly reminiscent of the ghosts 80s and 90s grandest indie sounds but never in awe of their heroes. This beauty cowers, creeps and then pounces on you when you aren’t looking, the chorus firing off boldly, vigorously and quite thrillingly with a fearsome melodic punch that is sadly lacking in most bands of today. Desperate Journalist might have been one of my tips for 2014, but their sumptuous forthcoming self titled debut album(which you can stream below) makes them firmly approved for 2015 .

This track really has the feel of the early Smiths sound,  a song that will certainly stick in your head, in a good way. Their debut album is due out 26th January 2015 on Fierce Panda Records. The band are playing in Nottingham 13th December


New single ‘Control’, taken from the debut album ‘Desperate Journalist’ which is out on CD and Vinyl on 26th January 2015 on Fierce Panda Records.Desperate Journalist exude cool. With powerful, urgent female vocals, and sophisticated, layered guitar work, in the image of Savages, their new single ‘Control’ will certainly stick in your head, in a good way.