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Washington DC power rock group Ex Hex came onto the scene in 2014 with their excellent, loud debut Rips. Filled with big, raucous waves of guitar, the album embodied the type of rock ‘n’ roll that genre devotees were hungry for, which made sense; Mary Timony, founder of the influential ‘90s riot grrrl group Helium, helms the group alongside Betsy Wright on guitar and Laura Harris on drums. Their second studio album, It’s Real, which arrives March 22nd via Merge Records, along with the premiere of “Cosmic Cave” a guitar-shimmering single that Timony calls “Old style Ex Hex.” It’s lively garage rock with a bittersweet swirl of a chorus and cavernous-sounding embellishments, best experienced beyond the boundaries of headphones.

Timony and Wright explained that It’s Real found its form through the deliberate collaboration between the pair  their knack for continuous refinement feeding into their tightness in sound, execution, and their will to experiment. Whether it’s recording with ten amps at once or indulging in the weird effects of an old ‘80s headphone amp, Ex Hex are fully devoted to crafting the best sounds for blaring at maximum volume.

From the album It’s Real, out March 22nd, 2019 on Merge Records.


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Betsy Wright is half of Bat Fangs, along with drummer . I’d become familiar with Wright from the excellent Ex Hex album, an album that is amazing (they kick ass live as well). Needless to say I was excited when I heard she was going to be fronting a new band.

And it doesn’t disappoint. Wright is a god damn force of nature on stage and that energy comes across throughout the album. They deliver a 25 minute blend of riot grrrl and hair metal. Tunes like Bad Astrology and Wolfbite would slide in well on an episode of Hairbanger’s Ball. Wright’s vocals keep the tunes from coming off as anything but genuine. Bat Fangs aren’t recreating the wheel. But they are are churning out some great tunes with kick-ass riffs and that will surely translate into an entertaining set.

Ex Hex - Live @ SXSW Festival, Austin, USA, 13-03-2014
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320kbps mp3
1.     Don’t Wanna Lose
2.     Everywhere
3.     Waterfall
4.     War Paint
5.     How You Got That Girl
6.     You Fell Apart
7.     Hot and Cold
8.     Beast?
9.     You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory (Johnny Thunders)
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You have to hand it to Ex Hex: they didn’t waste any time. Around this time last fall, the Washington, D.C.-based garage-pop trio, lead by guitarist/singer Mary Timony, had yet to play its first show. The only real evidence of the band’s existence was an early mix of the song “Hot and Cold”, which Timony posted online, then quickly removed. Within a month, the band–which also includes bassist/singer Betsy Wright (Childballads) and drummer Laura Harris (Aquarium, Benjy Ferree)—had joined up with Merge. By spring, “Hot and Cold” had been remixed and released on a three-song single.

And now, only a year in comes “Rips”, Ex Hex’s debut full-length. It’s the record of the summer, a collection of perfectly lean power-pop tunes that evoke Tom Petty and The Runaways while conjuring the unruly energy of contemporary mid-fi bashers like Thee Oh Sees. Rips sounds fine on headphones or at home, but it’s best enjoyed in the car where it’s possible to feel more perfectly tuned into the music’s steady velocity. The production is clean, but not polished, and the performances are tight. It doesn’t sound like a record that was made in a hurry.


Ex Hex: Rips

We’re supposed to be talking best albums, but let’s talk about  this band live we saw Ex Hex back at Field Day holy hotshit guitar rock, Batman! We’ve never seen a band have so much fun on stage, and with only the “Hold and Cold” single to their name earlier in the year when I first heard this band, But then Rips hit the record store and all of the energy and excitement that we saw in this band was pumping through our speakers, only this time more guitars, more harmonies — In fact more guitar monies! It was a rock n’ roll miracle time and earned Rips a spot in my heavy rotation on the Ipod. Spearheaded by indie vet and certified guitar-goddess Mary Timony, Rips is bubblegum-punk as objet d’art, a glitzy, glamorous take on the alienation inherent in the best power-pop.



Ex Hex make some of the most endlessly repeat-listenable should-be-hits of recent years. From the hurtling clang of Beast; to How You Got That Girl’s gleaming, twirling chorus; to New Kid, with its whiplashing pickslides and turbo-booster solo – these songs will be echoing in your ears long after Rips’ lean, mean 35 mins are over, and very welcome they will be there, too.” Ex Hex, the strutty, glammy trio fronted by indie rock vet Mary Timony, made  for fans of their style of late-’70s riffy powerpop, 

Ex Hex


EX HEX think retro Girl Groups, From the album “Rips” out on Merge Records and a great video from the band featuring some guest stars Kid Congo Powers from the Cramps Michelle Mae the Make Up, Fancy Z Graham Chain and the Gang, Alex Mackaye Ignition and The Warmers.
Ex Hex is Mary Timony, Laura Harris and Betsy Wright

ex hex album sleeve

Washington DC trio Ex Hex perform two punchy classic tracks “Eveywhere” at WAMU Radio,taken from the debut album out now “Rips” available on Merge Records


Ex Hex is a new band featuring Mary Timony from Helium and Wild Flag with enough energy on “Rips” to fuel a small country played with such enthusiasm


exhespicof the band


Ex Hex is all about rock’n’Roll and having fun, not sometimes getting it right because not totally getting it right would be all wrong Washington trio, the song “Hot and Cold” is a neo glam ditty about telepathic romance, Timony was in the beloved and inventive band Helium


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Mary Timony Ex Helium Frontwoman strips down her sound in a new project formed with drummer Laura harris and bass player Betsy Wright based in Washington DC , some power pop songs and catchy Riffs caught the imagination of the crowds at SXSW