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Emmy The Great shares Chang-E

With her new album “April /月音” due for release 9th October via Bella Union Records, and having recently been featured in The ObserverEmmy The Great today shares a beguiling part-animated video for her new single “Chang-E”. Of the track Emmy says: “It begins with this. Chang-E, the wife of the tyrant Hou Yi, drinks the elixir of immortality to save China from his eternal reign. She ascends to the moon, and lives there with the Jade Rabbit, its original inhabitant. In Mid-Autumn, we celebrate Chang-E’s sacrifice with a festival of lanterns and lights. Many centuries later, NASA tells the moon-bound Apollo 11 astronauts to look out for the Chinese queen and her rabbit. Michael Collins replies, ‘We’ll keep a close eye out for the bunny girl.’”

Of the video Emmy adds: “I wanted to tell the story of the moon goddess as I heard it as a child. It’s a lesser known version of the famous legend (which forms the centrepiece of Mid-Autumn celebrations), and all the more evocative because Chang-E’s destiny is decided by an act of defiance. I had worked with animator Renee Zhan on her film O Black Hole, and I knew she would understand the story and its roots. The creative team also included Mona Chalabi (storyboard), Armiliah Aripin (editing), and Jesse Romain (production). In the fragmented lives we’re living in at the moment, the ideas came together remotely from around the world. This is reflected in the footage between the animation, which is from my personal archive, and a performance of Chang-E on Hong Kong’s RTHK, that I performed while 5 months pregnant.”

“Combining Canto pop with warm neo-folk, her songs are beautifully constructed, the arch quirkiness of her early albums replaced by the lush writing of songs such as Chang-E or Okinawa.” MOJO

“An album filled with soft, tender indie-folk… ‘Mary’ skips along via a country-tinged shuffle, adding to the ever-present feeling of gliding through a city.” Uncut

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I hope that you all are safe right now, and have found some moments of joy in amongst all the upheaval and worry and sorrow of the last three months. My lockdown has been up and down, with moments of despair, moments of gratitude, and lots of tiny gifts in the form of love and humanity. I cannot wait until we are all through it and can be together in one room again!

I’m also really sorry I didn’t write at the beginning of the pandemic. I felt a twinge of deep deep shame when a friend told me she’d been even been contacted by a former drug dealer with a ‘supporting our customers during this difficult time’ message. In my defence, I’d like to blame my baby! I hope you know that this community has provided a lot of solace for me, and I composed about 20 newsletters in my head while tending to my small human.

But here we are, somewhere in the middle, and I have some news. My fourth album, will be released on Bella Union on October 9th, and the first single comes out today. It’s called “Dandelions/Liminal”, and it was written in New York the summer after the 2016 election, after I’d dabbled with some Buddhist philosophy on a music residency in China. It’s a happy song about co-existing with sorrow in the summer, and that’s pretty much still where I am right now.

The rest of the album was mostly written in Hong Kong in late 2017, during a precious, peaceful time that began with the Mid-Autumn moon. That story will gradually be revealed as the songs and videos and texts come out, but we all know already that a lot has changed in Hong Kong since that time. I am immensely proud to have written this album for that city, and to know a piece of my heart is there. Now I get to share a piece of my heart with you.

I should stop before I paraphrase any more 90’s lyrics, but here is the single and album pre-order. Be in touch and let me know your news.

Emmy the Great new song “Dandelions/Liminal” released on Bella Union 2020-07-07 Emma-Lee Moss

Best Brooklyn Albums

On Second Love Emma-Lee Moss makes soft and silvery songs about growing up. You can find her wondering at the heart of love on “Algorithm,” toying with the interconnected pull of relationships on “Social Halo,” or examining the filter of blue madness that infatuation brings on “Swimming Pool.” Moss is also a member of the Brooklyn music-writing community, bringing her expertise occasionally to this site—and others–but whether it be in music or in written word, Moss’ voice is stately, graceful and lucid. We would be wise to listen to more voices like hers on a regular basis.


Emmy The Great has a new EP titled the  EP  on Bella Union Records, Written in cities –  Salt Lake City, Tokyo, Hong Kong, LA, New York and London –  during an itinerant period in Emmy’s life, the songs track the resulting personal changes and invite us to explore the rapidly advancing world around us.

The lead track, “Swimming Pool”, features vocals from Tom Fleming of Wild Beasts. The four tracks that make up S are infectious and delivered with a well placed tongue-in-cheek, and each one certainly feels like an exercise in [Emma-Lee] Moss’ own musical exploration. It’s going to be interesting to see where she goes next.”

is out now on Bella Union.


Emma-Lee Moss, known by her stage name Emmy the Great, is a London-based singer-songwriter and journalist. She has released two albums to date, First Love and Virtue. I discovered Emmy the Great after seeing her at Summer Sundae in Leicester just after her first album, the title track, First Love, which details exactly that – a four and a half minute odyssey of self discovery that climatically ends with the only orgasm I ever heard on a song apart from Je t’aime moi non plus as a teenager.



With two albums released to date there is a new album due out early next year, Both those albums attracted widespread critical acclaim but, after Virtue, Moss took a break from composing her own albums to engage in a variety of activities that demonstrate her polymath nature, including rock music journalism and blogging, feature writing on cultural issues, philosophising, political activism as well as part-composing the score for the 2013 film Austenland, for which she was Oscar-nominated.

These activities took her away from her West London home to travel Asia and the US widely, with spells in both California and New York and according to her comments about her forthcoming EP ‘S’ (to be released on 26 January on Bella Union) it is the itinerant nature of her recent life and the way in which both she and the world have changed so quickly that influenced the four songs on it. She describes the EP as her trying to engage with the outside world, which she perceives to be “incredibly bright and technologically breathtaking” instead of looking inwardly as she did previously.

The first track, Swimming Pool, includes a backing vocal contribution from Wild Beasts’ Tom Fleming and is a departure from her usually intricate lyrical weave. Her words are far more blunt and to the point.