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Steady Holiday is Dre Babinski and a large dog, “Take The Corners Gently” is the third LP from Steady Holiday, the musical project of Los Angeles songwriter Dre Babinski. Following up 2018’s Nobody’s Watching, Dre travelled to Nashville, Tennessee, to record the album with Blake Sennett, lead guitarist in the much loved Rilo Kiley, who helped bring these vibrant songs to life.

A document of complex, difficult times in her life, Corners is both buoyant and beautiful, a tight collection of smart, heartfelt pop songs that grow an inch taller thanks to the spiritedness with which Babinksi approaches them. Perhaps its key aspect is its vulnerability, however. There is real heart and soul in these songs, and the impulsiveness which always comes with such things is given centre stage, adding depth and warmth which radiates throughout the album’s eight songs.

Released into the world last week, you can stream the album at the bottom of this page, and be sure to listen along while reading this track by track guide written by Dre, for both us and for you.

Take The Corners Gently was written during a period of turmoil in my family. The details aren’t mine alone to share, but the lessons learned from the experience are threaded throughout these songs. It’s an album about embracing uncertainty, relinquishing what can’t be controlled, appreciating small moments as they happen. Humility.

I recorded with those things in mind too. At least… I tried to. I went to Nashville to work with Blake Sennett, an old friend who understood. Our best intentions weren’t always aligned. But we knew it. Embraced it. And in a way, that was the point. I also dragged my friend Chiffon Myst along. He makes everything better. 

So that’s how we got here. That’s the quick version, anyway. I’ll probably try to thesaurus my way out of words like “acceptance” and “humility”, but that’s what I’ll be dancing around. 


“Living Life” by Steady Holiday. Courtesy of Steady Holiday, 2020.

Written by Dre Babinski

Released February 12th, 2021

Dre Babinski is happy to be taking photos at the Edendale Branch Library. She’s not a stranger to the Echo Park spot; it’s near her home and a prime people-watching location. But she’s also happy that the location isn’t definitively Angeleno. We’re not shooting with the LA skyline in the background or at Urban Lights or one of the many other spots that place images firmly in a time and space. “I think of Steady Holiday as bigger than just a Los Angeles project,” she says, owning her ambition.


This isn’t the logical conclusion of years slaving away as an unappreciated songwriter. Babinski spent years not as a bandleader, but as a side-player in bands like Hunter Hunted, Dusty Rhodes & the River Band, and Miracle Days. Often projects would require her to play violin, the instrument she trained on in her school years, but Steady Holiday is a result of her picking up a guitar and writing on an instrument she was less experienced with, resulting in material that merges calm indie pop with gentle psychedelic intonations. Her songs sound like transmissions from an old soul, toeing the line between antique and contemporary.

“One of the things I’m trying to let go of as an artist is the ideas that prowess is important,” she says. “It is to a certain degree. I want to be able to play my songs. Beyond that, creation is so much more important than technicality or cleverness or all the heady, educational things that really haunt me.”

Babinski offered up her debut as Steady Holiday in June, being invited by Paul Tollett to play Coachella this year before the album had even dropped. And though she’s still very much supporting Under the Influence, including an upcoming tour opening for Islands and a local LA headline date at the Bootleg Theater on November 15th, she’s also looking forward to what’s next, ready to test the limits of where her creative endeavors can take her.

Steady Holiday is Dre Babinski and a large dog