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WAND – ” Plum “

Posted: December 28, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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It’s hard to believe that the band who came flailing headlong out of the gate with Golem just two short years ago is the same band behind Plum, one of the most thoughtfully dynamic albums to come out in 2017. The creative arch of the Los Angeles band is rooted in the grime-y sonic sludge of the Ty Segall/Meatbodies/Mikal Cronin set. It would have been fine to have regarded Wand as yet another good band living under the punk-y parasol of the neo-psych-garage revolution. But Plum has separated them completely from the fray. Plum runs like a playlist of rock ‘n’ roll offshoots, with experimentations in Led Zep riffage and Spoon-like piano-rock only the tip of the iceberg

Wand is a band from Los Angeles, California. Recordings available from Drag City Records.

what a great songwriter with his baritone vocal and simple structured songs Bill Callahanrecorded this track under the SMOG banner, He has made a lot of home recordings before signing to Drag City,he had a long spell of living in Knaresborough in North Yorkshire before returning to the states. The  American singer songwriter has also made three solo albums.