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If you want to, you can pull Currents apart to its component influences – a pinch of Supertramp, some sinister late period Beatles, a heavy helping of 80s Michael Jackson. But the experience of listening to the album, both intensely emotional and the best dance record in years, is such a forceful and clear expression of Kevin Parker’s point of view that it feels totally unique and original.

The idea that album with this kind of intricate instrumental interplay and impeccable disco groove could be created by one affable soft-spoken dude in his house in Fremantle is an achievement in and of itself. It all adds up to as good a substitute for caffeine – or most other drugs – you could wish for. Start your day with ‘Let It Happen’, start your nights with ‘Reality In Motion’ and walk home to ‘New Person Same Old Mistakes’.

Currents succeeds as the greatest example of the high exemplar of 2015’s dominant musical idea – purity is bullshit, and authenticity is a myth. Deeply personal and wonderfully lyrically direct, this album proves that singing about heavy feels doesn’t have to be wrapped up in mopey acoustic guitar strumming, and that tracks which kill in a 3am DJ set can break your heart as savagely as any maudlin piano ballad.