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Caveman is done being an indie rock band playing for indie rock fans alone. They have their sights set on bigger goals, so on their third time around they made their biggest-sounding album yet.

Otero War was created over the course of three years, completely inverting the ramshackle methods used to make 2011’s CoCo Beware and their 2013 self-titled LP. This time frontman Matthew Iwanusa has taken the wheel of the creative process, bringing to it a level of patience, precision, and quality that exceeds anything he’s ever done before. Iwanusa wrote most of these songs in the back of tour vans with a laptop and a portable keyboard, then spent years rewriting, examining every part to make sure it was exactly right, and eventually abandoning an album’s worth of insufficiently killer songs before hitting the studio with the band. There the group refined the songs even further, filling them out with arrangements that bring together their distinctive musical personalities into one united whole, showing off the seemingly effortless collaborative energy that only comes with years of hard work.


It was more work, but worth it. The result is a whole new sounding Caveman: The songs are stronger and more spacious, with carefully constructed melodies and a more judicious use of folksy four-part harmonies and washes of synthesizer pads, leaving more room for Iwanusa’s instantly memorable vocal parts. Iwanusa’s lyrics have also evolved from vaguely sketching a typical twenty-something’s romantic frustrations to examining larger, more broadly existential matters, like figuring out your place in the world.

While Iwanusa’s stepped further out front as a songwriter, arranger, and singer, Otero War is still a group effort made with contributions from the band’s entire unofficial extended family. Albert Di Fiore, who engineered their last album, returns with an expanded role to produce. Iwanusa’s father contributes string arrangements. Longtime friend and New York punk-scene legend Johnny T, who over the years has employed members as bartenders and DJ’s at his bars,


Otero War is clearly the most mature album the band has created, but that doesn’t mean it’s a drag–in fact it could be the most fun music they’ve made so far. From the buoyant vocal melodies that make the opening track “Never Going Back” take flight, to the hip-shaking rhythms that hold up “Life Or Just Living” (which Matt calls his best song yet), to the contagious, triumphant mood on standout cut “Lean On You,” the album overflows with the joyous energy of a songwriter and a band finding their stride and flexing their newfound power for the first time. You can hear them enjoying the freedom from the confines of the expectations that have surrounded them until now, and looking out at a much bigger world to conquer.

Caveman’s new album, “Otero War” out now!

Caveman’s new album “Otero War” is out June 17th via Cinematic Music Group. Today, they’ve shared the new music video for the album track “Never Going Back.” The video was directed by Steven Sebring, the acclaimed fashion photographer who also directed the Patti Smith documentary Dream of Life. The visual is a psychedelic collage. check out the band’s upcoming tour dates with Frightened Rabbit.

Caveman’s album, ‘Otero War,’ out June 17th on Cinematic Music Group:


Brooklyn indie rockers Caveman have been relatively quiet since their excellent debut album three years ago. That album showed incredible growth, and it seems their sound has stretched even more on their newest offering “Never Going Back,” the lead single from their third LP, Otero War, due this summer. On “Never Going Back,” bright synths and rhythmic guitar strums elevate a melodic vocal and hook that will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. It seems Caveman are coming into their own; I think we are in for a treat with Otero War. Check out “Never Going Back”

Caveman really made a name for themselves in the blogosphere with their hit, “In The City”; the extravagent vocals and ample background instrumentals made for quite the grand song all around. Vacationer have elected to take a more delicate approach to the song, though, as they introduce harp arpeggios that flutter throughout. Their morphed version brings a much more tranquil and outdoorsy, organic feel that strongly juxtaposes the title, and you’ll find yourself transported to a classic Disney-esque, lively, and yet serenely natural atmosphere nice storytelling video from cool New York City band CAVEMAN,

Caveman is an American band based in Brooklyn, New York. The band recorded their first studio album in 2011. Although originally self-released, the album was re-released by Fat Possum Records in 2012, The band had a minor indie hit with the track “In the City”


Caveman from New York City, they will be at the Dot to Dot one day event at Nottingham