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The sound of Glass Beach is a fusion of our diverse range of influences including 1960s jazz, new wave, early synthesizer music, and emo, but all presented with the harshness and irreverence of punk music. we embrace the trend towards genrelessness caused by the increasing irrelevance of record labels and democratization of music brought about by the internet and enjoy playing with musical boundaries even to the point of absurdity

“The First Glass Beach Album” is like peak-eccentricity of Montreal reimagined as peak-audacity fourth-wave emo.  Or maybe if the Unicorns wrote a post-rock symphony about a jazz band that goes to war with a synth-pop band. Narrated in a histrionic whine by the artist formerly known as Casio Dad, it includes songs called “classic j dies and goes to hell, Pt. 1″ and “Yoshi’s Island” and “Soft!!!!!!!” and, naturally, “Glass Beach.” It’s a lot.

This album began with demos written in 2015 & 2016 when i first moved to Los Angeles and spent almost a year living on my friend’s couch. I met Jonas and William on facebook after they heard the Casio Dad album on their college radio station in Minnesota and we eventually ended up moving into an apartment together in North Hollywood. after showing them the new demos I had been writing, Jonas and William decided to join the band, playing bass and drums respectively, and we spent the next three years refining the demos into songs.

Thematically this album differs a lot from “he’s not with us anymore”, rather than focusing so much on internal feelings, this album looks outside, in an attempt to capture the external world in all its good, all its bad, and especially all its confusion. it revels in the lack of a focused narrative, portraying multiple perspectives at once and changing moods on a whim.


The Band:

william white – drums, vocals
jonas newhouse – bass, vocals
tony sanders – trumpet on track 1 and 5
daxe schaeffer – vocals
j mcclendon – guitar, keys, synth/drum programming, theremin, trumpet on track 14, lead vocals,
Released May 18th, 2019