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Spacey Jane new single Lunchtime interview second album

Fremantle four-piece Spacey Jane have released their second single for the year, ‘Lunchtime’. Written at a time when frontman Caleb Harper was experiencing “severe hangover anxiety”, ‘Lunchtime’ is a quick-starting rock track that boasts in-your-face electric guitar riffs from Ashton Hardman-LeCornu. The single arrives with an accompanying music video from Matt Sav and Julia Jacklin collaborator Nick McKinlay. In the video, Harper leaves and returns to a formal lunch with his bandmates, getting battered and bruised in the process.

Following ‘Lots Of Nothing’, ‘Lunchtime’ is the band’s second new song since the June 2020 release of their debut album ‘Sunlight’. With four songs landing on triple j’s Hottest 100 last year – including ‘Booster Seat’ at Number Two – ‘Sunlight’ will be a hard act to follow. Spacey Jane haven’t let that put them off, though: their second album has already been recorded.

Speaking from his home in Fremantle, Harper explains the inspiration behind ‘Lunchtime’ and its music video, and how the track sits alongside Spacey Jane’s future musical plans.

 ‘Lunchtime’ is a very fun song for us. And it’s weird writing a really fast song. For me, I sort of do it intentionally, like: let’s do something fast and fun because it’s so good to play live. You really just get to rock around and the effect on the listener is quite immediate.

But the rest of the record is actually not really that fast, there’s a lot of slower stuff in there. This is definitely the most guitar-driven song on the album, I’d say. It feels like a more youthful, fun version of the kind of music that we make and we like it for that reason. We wanted to have it as a single just because we felt like it was like an outlier in some ways to what the rest of the record might end up being.

In just a few years, Fremantle four-piece Spacey Jane have gone from playing small local shows to selling out tours across the country, starring on massive festival line ups  Now after a series of well-received EPs and singles the indie-rockers are unveiling their debut album Sunlight. It’s the kind of first record you’d hope your fave new band would deliver. Building on the immediate charms of previously released singles – like ‘Good For You’, ‘Good Grief’, and ‘Head Cold’ – it’s an album brimming with glistening hooks and choruses you can imagine belting out in big venues and festival fields.

Fronted by singer/guitarist Caleb Harper’s distinctive voice and introspective lyrics, Sunlight balances breezy-sounding songs with emotional weight and heft. It might not reinvent the wheel, but it’s easily one of the smoothest indie rock rides you’ll enjoy from an Aussie guitar band this year.

“The feelings that overran my head were in the songs before I could stop them and I didn’t see the point in hiding it,” frontman Caleb Harper said, Given the maturity of the song writing on Spacey Jane’s Sunlight, you’d be forgiven for thinking the group are 20 years into their tenure rather than around 20 years into their lives.

Following the Western Australia’s group’s 2019 breakout BIGSOUND appearance, there couldn’t have been more buzz around their debut album. Fast forward some nine months and Sunlight is more than fitting of its hype. Spacey Jane have the potential to be our next big indie export so if you’re not already on them, take this as your warning.

Spacey Jane? More like “really good band,” am I right? An amazing group of people with amazing tunes and an amazing live set (bonus points for a very aesthetically pleasing collection of guitars). It’s always a pleasure to catch Spacey’s chirpy indie-rock bangers live and we’re really looking forward to witnessing the world domination that is surely coming their way.

A few months ago we shot a video for Good Grief and had a total blast doing it. But, sometimes things get delayed, and the tapes got held up for a coupla months at German customs. We’re stoked to finally get this out there, better late than never we reckon!

Spacey Jane have the potential to be Australia’s next big indie export, As most bands do, Caleb, Kieran, Ashton and Peppa came together through blooming friendships and lucky connections. A few jams later, the bond was cemented and the debut gig in Caleb’s dad’s backyard kicked it all off. In the year that followed, Freo’s very own garage pop outfit Spacey Jane went from backyards to bright lights, sharing the stage with the likes of Car Seat Headrest, Nothing But Thieves, Alex Lahey, The Jungle Giants & more, As you’d expect of an album titled Sunlight, there’s a summery sheen to everything. Affable melodies and jangling guitars are lounged in with warm back-up vocals and the occasional sparkling synth part. Even when they up the tempo, leaning into their wiry energy on ‘Good For You’ or the bouncing ‘Weightless’, 

Band Members
Caleb, Kieran, Ashton & Peppa
Sunlight is out 12th June via AWAL Recordings.