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Since writing “Woodstock” while inside a New York City hotel room, Joni Mitchell’s counterculture anthem has been covered repeatedly throughout the last 50 years, most famously with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s electrifying version on Déjà Vu.

Now, a folky rendition by Bonnie Raitt has been unearthed, recorded at a March 27th, 1971, performance at Syracuse University’s Jabberwocky Club. Raitt was just 21 and eight months away from dropping her self-titled debut. Unlike many covers of Mitchell’s spiritual song, Raitt’s version is stripped-down and acoustic, using solely her voice to channel the muddy festival on Max Yasgur’s farm. Her register is akin to Mitchell’s, soaring through the octaves with each line: “And I dreamed I saw the bombers/Riding shotgun in the sky/And they were turning into butterflies/Above our nation.”

This is a real lost gem of the 21 year old Bonnie Raitt singing Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock”. The Jabberwocky Club was in the basement of the cafeteria at Syracuse University. The gig was recorded by WAER radio but was never released as one of her albums. Its considered a bootleg and hard to find. Many current music stars like James Taylor played here because WAER would do the broadcasts “live” to the New York area. 


Prior to closing its doors in 1985, the Jabberwocky Club hosted James Brown, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Roger McGuinn, and more. The campus’ FM radio station, WAER, would broadcast the live performances in New York. Raitt’s set has been bootlegged, but is extremely rare.

SRV & DOUBLE TROUBLE Playing SOUL TO SOUL LIVE – with 7 bonus cuts In March 1985, recording for Double Trouble’s third studio album, “Soul to Soul”, began at the Dallas Sound Lab. As the sessions progressed though, Vaughan became increasingly frustrated with his own lack of inspiration. He was allowed a relaxed pace of recording, which contributed to a lack of focus due to excesses in alcohol and other drugs. During the album’s production, Vaughan appeared at the Houston Astrodome, on April 10, 1985, where he performed a slide guitar rendition of the US national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner”; his performance was met with booing. Soul to Soul was released on 30th September, 1985, and peaked at number 34 and remained on the Billboard 200 through mid-1986, eventually certified gold. It was shortly before the release date, across Labour Day weekend 85 (30th August – 2nd September) that, as always, the years Bumbershoot Festival took place.

SRV performed on the evening of 1st September, and despite the difficulties prevalent during its recording, 9of the 10 tracks from Soul To Soul were played, alongside another 7 songs from earlier albums, cover versions and – at the time – unreleased rarities. Many of his problems with abuse would continue to haunt Stevie Ray across at least another year following the release of Soul To Soul, when, after a near death experience, he booked into a London Clinic for rehab but the sheer power and intensity of the album is almost certainly best illustrated in this live rendition – indeed for many of those who are familiar with this recording, these are generally the preferred versions of the albums marvellous songs.

This is a fabulous Stevie Ray CD, featuring his 1985 show at the Bumbershoot Fest in Seattle, this was a gig performed shortly following the release of Soul to Soul, and contains the majority of the songs from that record, but in a live setting they take on a new edge which isn’t present on the album


this is just a stunning cover version of the Bonnie Raitt song by Bon Iver with his amazing falsetto vocal giving the song an amazing feel.